The last airbender, one stands above the rest

The appeal of Avatar: The Last Airbender lies in its seemingly endless adventures within the series’ overarching narrative. Understandably, this left viewers with a surplus of favorite episodes to choose from. On the Reddit, one savvy sociologist reviewed five episodes plus the “Other” option. In an area that included “One Zuko”, “Tales of Ba Sing Se”, “The Tempest” and “The Great Divide”, the fast-paced series finale “Sozin’s Comet” came out on top. Of the 478 votes, 151 voted in favor of the final.

The fact that the audience supported Sozin’s Comet should not surprise longtime fans. In the finale, where Aang (Zach Tyler Eisen) confronts Firelord Ozai (Mark Hamill), the finale brings Avatar to an epic, satisfying conclusion that synthesizes the show’s high-octane action, contemplative spirituality, and magnetic command dynamics. Also, with the introduction of energy magic, the finale proves that Avatar was still capable of creating twists and turns up until the last moments.

However, some Redditors took issue with the episode’s inclusion in the poll – not because it’s not great at all, but because it’s in four parts. “It’s kind of unfair to compare anything to Sozin’s Comet because it’s four episodes together that could almost be a movie on its own,” they wrote on Twitter. u/ARC_Trooper_Echo. Even seasoned critics tended to agree. In his review of the final New York TimesSusan Stewart called the four-episode arc a TV movie. “This movie doesn’t skimp on action,” she writes, “even though it thrives on philosophizing.”

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