The Last of Us Easter Egg You May Have Missed in The Sims 4


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You probably don’t expect any crossover between “Last of usand “The Sims 4”. One is a relaxing life simulation and the other is a tense action game. One involves painstakingly building your dream home in a beautiful area, and the other is a post-apocalyptic where you’re unlikely to find any buildings with all four walls and the roof intact. However, one particularly observant gamer has found that there is a connection between the two games in the form of a Sims 4 easter egg.

This week Twitter user Katarina published a photograph of an item purchasable in The Sims 4 with a caption celebrating her discovery of the Last of Us reference. The reference is to a plant called “Jerry’s Reeds” and a description that explains that the cane was “originally grafted by scientists and physicians at St. Mary’s Hospital as part of their research into experimental vaccines designed to combat parasitic fungal infections.” Fans of The Last of Us will recognize Jerry as Abby’s father and a doctor trying to develop a vaccine against an infection that has devastated humanity. Also, Jerry works at St. Mary’s and is the game’s climax location. Finally, the item description states that the plant has “the ability to attract fireflies”, which fans remember as the main faction in the game that Jerry works for.

Love for games Easter eggs

Developer Maxis seems to like to reference other games in The Sims. Recently a game producer indicated a couple of references to Final Fantasy 14 in the new Werewolf expansion. They were also presented as items that could be purchased in the game. The tweets even sparked some hilarity Twitter sharing between the official The Sims 4 and Final Fantasy 14 accounts.

Fans of The Sims and The Last of Us now have a lot to celebrate besides fun crossovers. The Sims 5 is apparently in development. the future of the sims may even include the return of The Sims: Online. Meanwhile, recent leaks reports that the producers of the upcoming The Last of Us TV show are working on staying true to the game. It also looks like we’ll get Remake of The Last of Us for PS5 coming soon as well multiplayer The game takes place in the world of The Last of Us.

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