The last sci-fi project Nichelle Nichols was involved in before her death

Nichelle Nichols’ last appearance in a science fiction work was in a project called The Departed: Ominara. Funded Kickstarter campaign, the series is a pseudo-spin-off of the 2015 fan film Star Trek: The Departed. According to Den of geeksNichols plays the titular Ominara, a character who lives in a futuristic world where telepathic communication is the norm. The film was released digitally to Kickstarter backers on March 5, 2022.

Actor Robert Miano also stars in the film as Professor Steiner, an enigmatic scientist who plans to capitalize on his mind-blowing inventions. Steiner and Ominara have been at odds for years, and exploration of their long-term relationship is central to the narrative. Notably, Nichols’ longtime Star Trek co-star Walter Koenig was originally going to play the role, but the actor was forced out of the project due to “personal circumstances” (via Kickstarter).

In a 2021 interview Den of geeks, producer Frank Zanka explained that the plot of the series is meant to pay tribute to Nichols and all she has done for the Stark Trek universe. “Because Nichelle has Alzheimer’s and is retiring, we kind of wanted to do a send-off,” Zanca explained. “Instead of Uhura, this is Ominara, and she is the captain of her own ship. She turned into a pirate. And Nichelle plays her old version, and she’s like the head of the underworld at that moment in the future.”

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