The latest news on the casting of the “Yellow Jackets” is extremely revealing.

One of the strongest elements of Yellow Vests is the desire not to tell viewers the whole story. As the survivors adjust to their increasingly dire situation, we also jump forward in time and see some of them as adults, revealing who made it out of the wild with their lives. The likes of Misty (played by Christina Ricci as an adult and Sammy Hanratty as a teenager) and Taissa (played by Toni Cypress as an adult and Jasmine Savoy Brown as a teenager) continue to carve out adult lives for themselves, but the fate of some of their comrades , such as Wang (played by Liv Hewson as a teenager) remained unspecified.

Luckily for Wang’s fans, news of the casting of Yellow Vests season 2 has shed light on what became of her after the plane crash. Lauren Ambrose will play the adult version of Van (via Entertainment Weekly), thus strongly implying that the character managed to survive. Not only that, Hewson was promoted to a series regular in the second season, which indicates we’ll be taking an in-depth look at how she escaped death in her youth. How it will affect the story as an adult is up for interpretation at the moment, so one can only hope that the production of the second season of Yellow Vests goes smoothly and we can watch the next series of episodes and get answers as soon as possible.

The second season of Yellow Vests doesn’t have a release date yet, but The showrunners are hoping it will launch in early 2023..

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