The latest season of Snowpiercer was the most ironic production challenge imaginable

Production on Season 4 of Snowpiercer has been halted due to extreme temperatures on an outdoor film set in British Columbia, Canada. Term reports. At the time of writing, up to 14 people working on set, including cast and crew, have been taken to nearby hospitals by ambulance.

This summer, temperatures in British Columbia, like much of the northern hemisphere, have reached alarmingly high levels, and on Thursday, the heat on the set of “Snowpiercer” exceeded 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Compounding the situation was the show’s wardrobe, which, due to Snowpiercer being set on a frozen version of Earth, included heavy winter coats. A spokesman for the show’s producer Tomorrow Studios stated that cooling tents had been set up on site for the cast and crew, as well as medical staff. In a statement, a spokesman said, “As a precautionary measure, production on ‘Snowpiercer’ ended early yesterday morning and has been put on hold for today due to the extreme heat on set. The health and well-being of the show’s cast and crew remains a top priority.”

Of course, shutting down production due to extreme heat is a tragically ironic twist for Snowpiercer. The premise of the show is that aerosols were introduced into the atmosphere in an attempt to reverse global warming, but the plan backfired by sending the planet into a new ice age. For this show, a more symbolic twist of fate is hardly possible.

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