The little mouse moves into the house, is provided with good food and his own living room

A dream is the desire that your heart makes when you are fast asleep. A dream you wish will come true if you keep believing. Cinderella It seems there isn’t just one song for his little bird and mouse friends, and who can blame them—everyone wants to be in a fairy tale for a little while!

Especially when everything is cute and sentimental. Birds help you shower and dress in the morning, mice sew your wardrobe from scratch, and some even become star chefs in restaurants. Just one song and the world is yours! RIP to those who can’t sing.

One woman went in a slightly different direction. Once he discovers a tiny mouse living within his walls, he thinks of the cutest way to welcome a guest, and that is by making his very own cheese board! He shared the process and the result. Tick ​​tockand it’s no wonder it went viral.

While we’ll look at cute little treats and even smaller rodents, we’ll also look at reasons why it’s not a great idea if you don’t want your house to become a rat hotel. Well, let’s get into it!

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A lady on Tik Tok, named Bella, has gone viral for creating a stunning cheese board for a mouse that entered her home.

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Mice. Some fear them, others don’t care, and a third group find them absolutely valuable. So when a wounded man walks into Bella’s house, scratching and scraping around the interior walls and biting the leftovers he leaves behind, she’s left with a dilemma of how to welcome her new guest.

Little mice are said to love cheese. Anecdotes and stories of mice dreaming and then ballooning the object, like someone diving for a turkey leg at Thanksgiving, are accepted as pure fact. however, Wonderopolis Most disagree, saying that rats will most likely go for something sweet or grainy.

So where did this myth come from? Well, many people think it goes back to how people used to store their food. Years ago, people used to store grains in glass jars and hang their meat high up. On the other hand, cheese was placed on a shelf. This made her an easy target for unwanted pantry visitors. Thus, the rats ate the cheese because it was convenient, not because they liked it.

In the video, which has reached 18.6M views, he explained that “he kept eating our food, so we decided to make it better”.

Image credit: jorgeregula222

But back to the story. Bella, who goes by the name @jorgeregula222 on TikTok, decided the best way to make her mouse friend feel at home was to provide gourmet dishes and fancy dinner service. To make sure everything went as planned and the compliments went straight to the chef, he installed night vision surveillance cameras to observe his guest.

After the preparation work was completed, she started cooking. Or, should I say, cutting, as he started with a mixed cheese board. It includes champagne Bella Vitano, smoked Gouda, provolone, and raspberry Bella Vitano. Bella then added crackers, honey, pomegranate chocolate, walnuts, pear paste and raspberries. He also filled a small cup with water for the mouse to drink.

But that’s not all. He also made sure it was served with the utmost care and placed a small vase full of wildflowers and a small bottle of truffle oil alongside the cheese plate. Now all he had to do was wait. She turned on the camera and went to bed.

Bella treats the mouse to an array of snacks served on a ball jar lid, including various cheeses, crackers, walnuts, honey, and a cup of water to wash it all down.

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By morning he checked the footage, and there it was, the little guest! She knew she had to share it with the world, so she posted it on TikTok. “He kept eating our food, so we decided to do a better job with him,” he explained in the clip’s caption. The little dinner went viral, garnering a total of 18.6 million views since being posted on August 27.

Thousands of viewers commented on the footage, and while some wondered why she would feed the mouse, others found it heartbreaking. “This was probably the best day of her little life,” one person wrote, while another added, “You are a great host.” Many noted the similarity to the 2007 animated Disney film. RatatouilleSaying that Mouse will be well on his way to becoming a great chef!

In follow-up videos, he made it into a PB&J sandwich and spaghetti with tomatoes. Not only that, he made Honey his own little dining room

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In a follow-up video, Bella decides to provide the mouse with a small peanut butter and jelly sandwich — crusted off, of course! She added raspberries and pecans on the side and left a small glass of oat milk instead of water. Another small vase of flowers was placed to set the mood, and Bella drifted off to sleep.

The little mouse seemed to be a big fan of such delights, especially appreciating the cutlery. So much so that he ran away with the small cup. Bella revealed in the caption that she named the mouse Honey because it seemed to be her favorite part of the cheese board she made the other day.

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He named the little mouse Honey, because it seemed to be his favorite part of the cheeseboard. From Cinderella vibes to Ratatouille, Honey is adorable.

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Now that their friendship was growing, he decided to take it a step further and build a little house for the honey to eat. Bella hung miniature maps and an ornate mirror, added a bookcase filled with small food boxes and pots and pans, and decorated it. This with a few crystals for good vibes. And one can’t forget a small table and chair for the mouse to eat!

To celebrate the successful build, he decided to cook some spaghetti with mashed tomatoes for his little friend. She added crushed almonds, dried flowers, and berries for good measure, along with a cup of water. “He’s nervous about the new place, but still visited,” she wrote in the caption. “What else should I put in his house?” “A small desk so he has a place to work his mouse,” suggested one person.

Although cute, rats can do a lot of damage to both the home and its owners. They can spread listeria, hantavirus and salmonellosis, and are prone to infection.

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Like all things, fairy tales come to an end, and although everyone lives happily ever after, in real life you’ve got a mouse infestation. Bella honestly said that everything seemed fine at the moment and she didn’t see anyone but Honey looking around for breakfast, but no one could ignore the dangers that existed.

Rats can become in houses. The real problemBuild nests, contaminate food, damage, and spread disease. They can spread listeria, hantavirus and salmonellosis. Although it only takes one mouse to spread disease, a mouse infestation is a major health hazard. Think about The Black Plague Epidemic of 1300

Many of us love animals for life, but there is a way to live with animals without putting yourself or your home at risk.

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According to SpruceIn a year, a female rat can breed up to eight litters of five to six cubs. These 40+ offspring can begin reproducing in less than six weeks. So within months, you can have a very large rat population.

They are also incredibly adept at chewing things with their tiny teeth. From electrical wiring, which itself can start a house fire, to gas lines, as well as aluminum, soft concrete, insulation, wooden furniture and structures, plastic pipes, rubber and drywall.

So what should you do if you encounter a rat in your home but can’t bring yourself to harm it? According to Human societyLive traps are the only option for humane trapping and can be easily purchased at hardware stores or online. Glue boards, snap traps, poison and electrocution traps, on the other hand, are incredibly cruel and cause unnecessary suffering to animals.

We wish Bella and Honey the best of luck and very much hope that both of them are safe from any danger so they can live out their fairytale happily ever after!

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While many of us love life and can’t imagine animosity toward any living creature, there is a way to live with animals without putting yourself or your home at risk. I will leave some more resources. Here And Here For all those interested in better protecting their home from rodents.

We wish Bella and Honey all the best and hope their story has a very happy ending!

You can watch the full video here.

@jorgeregula222 He kept eating our food so we decided to do one better for him. #cheese board #Mouse #secret camera #ifyougiveamouseacookie ♬ Le Festin (from “Ratatouille”) – Unlimited movie sounds.

Let us know your thoughts on this story and whether you’d be serving your rats a Michelin star meal. If you enjoy random cute, happy, and educational content, vote, and I’ll leave you to the next one!

While some wondered why she would feed the mouse, others found it heartbreaking. Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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