“The Littlest Girl of Us All Volunteered to Build the Toilet”: Employees gather evidence and devise a plan to get rid of their toxic boss and succeed.

How you feel at work depends on the people you work with. If you get along, the most boring work can seem less crazy. The most important person to meet with is probably your direct supervisor because they are the people who have the most power over you.

If the boss is making your life miserable and you find some like-minded colleagues, you’ll be surprised at how much power you actually have at your disposal. An example is Reddit user AradBBC who, along with his colleagues, gathered evidence against his horrible boss and it actually worked.

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A Reddit user shared the story of how he made his boss quit his job because he was a terrible person to work with.

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The boss would change his mind about booked vacations, yell at employees and never trust female employees to do the job well.

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The original poster (OP) worked as an accountant for a company with a terrible boss. AradBBC has quit his job, but what he’ll be doing is “a bunch of normal boring stuff, preparing financial reports, liaising with customers to make sure things are paid on time or very irregularly, As he revealed KristenBellTattoos.com.

He started looking for a new job before this story happened and left shortly after. He was already experienced enough to get a higher-paying job at a higher-than-entry-level position.

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AradBBC described his boss in terrible terms because he was condescending, he yelled at his employees, sometimes for no reason, and his overall behavior could be described as abusive. There were also hints of misogyny as he never trusted the female employees to do the job properly.

None of the employees in the department liked the boss even though he was good at his job and was the last straw for the OP, which led to him plotting revenge when the boss asked him to work on his day off. demanded to come, which he had forewarned as it was his sister’s birthday.

OP takes the initiative to plan revenge after being denied a day off on her sister’s birthday.

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The department decided to take matters into their own hands and 10 of them started gathering evidence and filing a protocol against the boss to make a case on how he was violating their rights and reasonable. do not have.

To convince him even more, the workers plan to record their boss’s outburst. He usually did this publicly within earshot of everyone, so it was an easy task and they didn’t even have to try hard to provoke him.

They gathered all the evidence they had into a document and provided an opportunity for the boss to yell at an employee so they could film it.

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There was a volunteer who sacrificed himself to be bait. She was one of his youngest and youngest female employees who was doing the job better to make the boss look more evil.

The woman’s job was to make a small mistake in her paperwork, which would surely trip up the boss. As expected, he was furious. and gave the performance required by the department to be attached as evidence to the report.

The whole company saw the document and after an investigation the boss resigned which didn’t change much because the new one was also a jerk.

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Employees sent the report to everyone in the company, including the dreaded boss and CEO. They chose to do this on Monday morning to reach the largest possible audience and they quickly began to hear noises indicating that the boss was aware of the email.

As AradBBC explained, “a lot of the evidence we had was completely concrete and the video literally had his face” so the company had to launch an investigation and as far as the OP knows, the boss was actually fired. Was not done, but he resigned himself.

The whole thing was quite satisfying to watch as the ex-employee ended his story by saying that the expressions he saw on his boss’s face helped him sleep at night.

However, the satisfaction of getting justice makes OP sleep better every night.

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AradBBC imagines the boss didn’t deny anything because the evidence was so convincing and if he did, he never heard about it. The department got a new boss who was an employee of the company, so he knew how the old boss had quit, which didn’t stop him from being quite the jerk himself.

The former employee called the achievement “a great collaborative effort.” [they] And it is quite impressive and inspiring that if enough people get involved, they can make a change and fight for a better working environment.

What did you think of the story? Do you think the employees had a good plan? Has this ever happened at your workplace? Tell us in the comments!

The OP also said that the boss was getting a divorce while Redditors praised the employees for having power

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