The loudest insults from the Emmys of 2022

At this point, why even have a “Best Variety Sketch Series” category? The trophy was won for the sixth year in a row by Saturday Night Live, and this year (as in the past) the only other nominee was The Black Lady Sketch Show. The third season of the underrated HBO gem was arguably the best, as an all-black female cast, writers, and production staff wove a recurring story among consistently excellent sketches. At this point, “A Black Lady Sketch Show” is long overdue for Emmy recognition.

So it’s a bit of a sting that it’s lost three seasons in a row to the long-established ruthless genre called Saturday Night Live. Each season of SNL will have some great sketches, some memorable experiences, and one or two standout actors, but it’s a broadcast network organization that will never be led by the jugular. Each episode is put together in five days by a team of sleep-deprived comedy writers, and it shows. It simply cannot be compared to a well-written, unique show created by underrepresented voices, and at this point, in its impressively long run, it hardly needs another Emmy for producer Lorne Michaels’ mantelpiece.

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