The loudest summer films of the 2010s

The success of Finding Nemo in 2003 nearly ripped apart Pixar and Disney, but ended up tying the two animation giants together, with everyone clamoring for a sequel. 13 years later, Finding Dory tells the story of a blue surgeon, voiced by Ellen DeGeneres, as she searches for her parents with a little help from her colorful finned friends.

Disney head of distribution Dave Hollis summed up the built-in audience for the long-awaited sequel: Deadline“The original film is so loved and part of our culture… At the time it was the biggest animated release of all time and left an indelible mark for good reason, and now there is an insatiable desire to watch. “

On its first weekend opening opposite the Kevin Hart-Dwayne Johnson Central Intelligence Festival, Finding Dory was hailed as the best single day for an animated film at the box office, as well as the weekend overall. , throwing “Shrek the Third” from the throne. It stayed at number one at the box office for another two weeks and ended the year as the highest-grossing domestic release.

2016 was a pretty controversial year in America, and DeGeneres told Curve magazine about it. that Finding Dory was a welcome tonic: “A film that delivers a positive message that distracts people from what’s going on is exactly what we all need.”

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