The main character of DC comics is absent from the first season of “Sandman”

When John Dee escapes from the psychiatric ward in Episode 3 (“Give me a little dream”), he starts heading towards the old shipping container where the ruby ​​is stored. Morpheus also finds a ruby, but Dee’s modifications to the gem actually knock the Dream Lord unconscious. However, this is played out differently in the comics, mainly because Morpheus is actually aided by a certain member of the Justice League: Martian Manhunter. The “Sandman” is technically part of the DC Universe, and Morpheus turns to the Martian Manhunter and Mister Miracle for help finding the ruby. “Sandman” No. 5.

Briefly saving Mister Miracle from a terrifying nightmare about the planet Apokolips, Morpheus talks to Martian Manhunter about the ruby’s whereabouts because he has more knowledge of the older artifacts the Justice League encountered. But the green alien instantly recognizes Morpheus as “Lord L’zoril” and bows in horror because he sees the Lord of Dreams in the form of a flaming black skull, which is even more frightening than Morpheus’s usual pale face.

The Manhunter quickly explains that the ruby ​​is in a holding facility outside of Gotham City and Morpheus is sent there immediately, while the Manhunter and Marvel go after the Oreos from a secret stash in the team’s kitchen. Recently, Gaiman discussed the possibility of removing some scenes from the comics. explanation on tumblr“Creating The Sandman for Netflix is ​​a chance to do it again, and do it with the economy of not existing in a shared universe in the same way. So when we do Joe Simon and Jack Kirby’s Dream Dome Sandman stuff, we do it a little differently and we don’t need a Justice League scene to get Dream to the Ruby.”

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