The majestic houses were forced to quarantine these celebrities.

Epidemics mean much-needed rest for people around the world, including celebrities who usually have a crazy schedule. And while this may not have been an easy experience, many stars enjoyed the quandary in a spectacular way. Although many of us struggled to cope with the confinement at home, the vast majority of Hollywood celebrities were fortunate to be confined to their most luxurious homes.

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As expected, they kept fans updated on their daily quarantine life, giving us a glimpse of the most luxurious houses and apartments ever. With the large size, beautiful interior and exterior, with flawless furnishings of their homes, it is safe to say that perhaps, perhaps, the lockdown was not so bad for these celebrities. Who are these celebrities and where are their homes? Take a look.

Drake’s mansion in Toronto.

From the video of his 2020 hit track. Tossy slide, We visited Drake’s mansion. In Toronto that somehow started to resonate as a song. The Canadian-born rapper began building his mansion in 2016 with the desire to have something solid and memorable to keep him alive. No doubt, he has achieved this. With a mega kitchen, a huge chandelier, a toilet that plays soothing music, an NBA-sized basketball court, four master bedroom suites, and more, Drake no doubt has a multi-million dollar Quarantine was the best time to visit this property.

Manor House of Chair Tegan and John Legend.

Living with a family was one of the best ways to deal with epidemics. Chair tagin, Who share two lovely children, quarantine was probably his funniest moment. In addition to spending quality time with her children, Chrissy maximized lockdown to improve and demonstrate her cooking skills. The 35-year-old model and chef kept fans updated, shared her cooking clips, and gave fans a glimpse of her beautiful kitchen in her Beverly Hills home. The couple bought the sprawling property back in 2016 with six bedrooms, nine bathrooms and many notable amenities. However, despite offering the entire mansion, Chrissy and John offered it for sale in August 2020 and reportedly sold it at the time of this writing.

Kylie Jenner’s Resort Compound.

The 24-year-old billionaire is big on real estate and has bought several mansions in various locations, including. A resort compound in Holmbay Hills., Which he bought in April 2020 for 36 million. Here, the make-up mogul is quarantined with her on and off boyfriend Travis Scott and their daughter Stormy. From Kylie’s Instagram, fans got a glimpse into her kitchen and swimming pool, and what we can tell is that quarantine in this house could not be less than fun.

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Jennifer Lopez’s Miami Mansion.

Like many others, living in a lockdown can be stressful. Jennifer Lopez, But the singer was able to visit with the help of therapy and, of course, to live in this beautiful house. Fans get a glimpse of Lopez’s beautiful home: performances he did in his garden with his twin children, Amy and Max, with his ex-fianc Alex Rodriguez.

Taylor Swift’s London House.

Taylor didn’t want to be alone during the lockdown, so she moved to London to spend time with her wife, Joe Alvin. The duo rented their London apartment for about 5 5.5 million. If Taylor and his English actor boyfriend eventually buy a London home, it will add to the long list of houses in Taylor’s property portfolio.

Minimal monastery of Kardashian.

Like his sister Kylie, Kim has an eye for even bigger features, and. His hidden mountain house. What he once described as at least a monastery is really no exception. There, the reality star quarantined with her four children and husband Kenny West. The majestic property has a white living room, an expensive walk-in closet, a large play area for children, and many notable features that we get to see through some of his Instagram posts.

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Shelter for Justin and Haley Bieber.

The Beavers spent ڈالر 5 million on their 101-acre property, Lake Ontario’s Lockdown, which was featured in their Quarantine Reality series. Bieber on Watch.. Fans got a glimpse of the luxury home through their numerous tic-tac-toe videos and what we can tell was nothing but quenching for this lovely young couple. However, Justin and Haley will later move out of their Lakeside home to the Beverly Hills mansion, which they bought in May 2020 for .8 25.8 million.

Alan de Janeiro’s California Mansion.

Alan de Janeiro. He began his lockdown in his 6 3.6 million, three-bedroom Tudor in Montecito, California, but by the end of June 2020, he and his partner Porti de Ross sold it to the famous Ariana Grande. During Alan’s stay there, we got a glimpse of the house in his regular Instagram videos and during his hosting duties. The Alan de Janeiro Show.

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Property Brothers will renovate the iconic Brady Group House.

Growing up watching a popular 70’s show as a child, the brothers rejoiced when HGTV won a bid last August to renovate the legendary house.

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