The man tries to be nice to his wife’s bratty kid sister, and when she turns 19, he confesses that he loves her.

The biggest reason people hide their feelings when they’re not sure how the other person feels about them is fear of rejection. It hurts your feelings and lowers your self-esteem, leaving you thinking that maybe no one likes you. However, most will advise you to tell the truth anyway and find out for sure.

However, there may be situations when you may want to keep these feelings to yourself and work through them because they are not morally right. Like falling in love with someone who is already in a relationship. When the married man confesses his feelings for her by his wife’s sister, he is shocked because not only did he not like her at all, but he had watched her grow up.


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The man never liked his sister-in-law but tried to be nice to her but it backfired and created a strange situation.

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The original poster (OP) is 30 years old while his wife is 34 years old and his sister Alexa is 19 years old. The OP’s mother-in-law adopted her younger daughter later in life and because there is a 15-year age difference between the sisters, the wife sees Alexa not only as her sibling but as her child.

This is because you could say that the OP’s wife raised her like this.When Alexa was about 7 or 8, her parents sent her to live with her older sister and study there. Sent to America. In the comments, the man explained, “She failed in primary school there. Couldn’t keep up with the pressure. My wife’s parents thought she could come to America because school is easier here.


The wife took great care of her little sister and gave her everything she needed, but the man never liked Alexa. She saw him as arrogant, rude, entitled and dirty, a brat who was always breaking rules and misbehaving at school.

The OP never liked her but because he loved his wife, he tried to get along with Alexa and be nice to her. Well, it backfired, as Alexa realized that the man treated her even better than her sister when she was growing up, causing her to develop romantic feelings for him.


The man’s wife, herself 34, has a 19-year-old sister who has lived with him most of her life.

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In fact, he now thinks it’s pretty obvious that when Alexa was younger, she was acting out and giving her older sister a hard time because she was jealous, and that confession made everything make sense.

Not only did Alexa confess her feelings, but she wanted to know if OP felt the same way about her. This is when the man took the opportunity to reveal that not only did he not like her in the least friendly way, he actually hated her and thought of her as an annoying brat.

Even if he liked Alexa now or when she was growing up, the only relationship he would allow himself would be like a brother or father as he watched and felt her growing up. that having romantic feelings for him would be “immoral and disgusting.”

Alexa was a spoiled brat and even her teachers didn’t like her, but her older sister would still be very kind to her.

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A rejection like that would hurt anyone’s feelings and Alexa ran out crying. OP’s wife thought he was right to be honest, but she shouldn’t be so hard on him. The man wonders if he doesn’t have the right to tell Alexa how he saw her since she’s an adult now and can take it.

In the comments, people speculated on the fact that Alexa might be acting out because she was jealous and seeing that he was no longer a child, she thought she knew that he was a married man, her. Kay goes to her sister’s husband and tells him she loves him. He therefore agreed that a strong reaction was most appropriate as it left no room for misinterpretation.

To please his wife, the man was also nice to Alexa, but she really p*ssed him off.

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Guardian says that situations where someone interferes in a sibling’s romantic relationship are more common than you might think. This kind of dynamic can develop if parents aren’t very present, says Stella Wiens, a psychotherapist for couples.

This can lead to major conflicts in the couple if the person is always with the sibling and gives them space instead of standing up for their partner. It seems that in this case, the OP put up with Alexa’s behavior and when she lashed out, her wife was quite supportive.

His kindness did not go unnoticed and Alexa felt that he treated her even better than her sister, so she confessed that she had romantic feelings for him.

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Marriage definitely changes sibling relationships. Martha Stewart List some things that may vary. One consequence is that if your spouse also gets along with your sibling, the sibling bond may become more strained. The opposite can also be true because sometimes people’s personalities don’t mesh.

Married siblings may be more closed off because they see their relationship as a private matter that only concerns two people. This can cause unmarried siblings to become jealous and fear that their relationship will break up altogether.

Marrying someone can result in less quality time with your family because you’ve just started a new one of your own, especially if you decide to move further away. But you may be expected to take on some responsibilities like hosting family vacations at your home because you are married and have an adult sibling.

It hits a nerve and the man reveals that he never liked Alexa, causing her to cry.

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But at the end of the day, you want your sibling to respect you and your partner regardless of how you feel about that person, whether it’s hate or romantic love, assuming you’re family. Want the best for

We’d love to hear your thoughts and if you think the OP should have been more composed when she rejected Alexa, or if the people in the comments are right and if it was said in a different way, Alexa understands. does not come Let us know in the comments.

Although his wife thought the way he rejected Alexa was harsh, people online thought he needed to hear her out so she wouldn’t bring it up again.

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