The manager asks the worker to switch days. She puts down her beloved sick family dog ​​so she can cover the shift.

Putting the family dog ​​to sleep is one of the most painful experiences a human can go through. It’s not just losing a family member, it destroys your entire world until you rebuild it.

That’s what happened to Lalit, a psychology student who was working at the Starbucks coffee chain at the time. “The moment my boss asked me if I could switch the day I put my dog ​​to sleep for @starbucks,” The woman tweeted while sharing a few screenshots. of his interaction with the manager.

It turns out, the manager wanted Lalette to work the day her family dog, who was very sick, was scheduled to die and they made it clear there was no other choice. Scroll down for the full story below, and share your thoughts on the whole situation in the comments!

Recently, a Starbucks employee recounted how her manager asked her to reschedule the day to put her sick dog down because they wanted her to work that day.

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Some people blame the whole situation on the writer.

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Meanwhile, others thought that managers should be more understanding of their team members

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People also took the opportunity to share similar situations that they have experienced.

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