“The manager brought me to his office because I stretched out at the front desk”: 16 employees talked about the reasons for leaving toxic work

A toxic work culture remains a huge problem even today. It is generally accepted that unhealthy behavior tends to be a problem for large companies due to incredible competition that, unfortunately, ignores fundamental human values. However, it looks like ethical organizations that practice a healthy environment can be counted on one hand.

Statistically, according to data for 2019 report from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), over the past 5 years, one in five Americans has left the workplace due to an unhealthy culture. This is an extremely large number of people who had the courage and ability to quit their jobs, but what about those who simply cannot afford to leave their jobs?

Of course, there must be great companies that pay attention to the well-being of their employees and believe in an honest and moral environment. However, this is not entirely standard practice, as when someone is hired, there is always a terrible worry that they might end up in some kind of disrespectful atmosphere.

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Some organizations have a team of indifferent leaders, and this is not normal.

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A Twitter user encouraged people to share their experiences with an unhealthy culture.

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To draw attention to this persistent issue, a Twitter user known as @jaydeipowell asked her followers if anyone had ever quit work because of the toxic environment.

The topic received over 313,000 likes, 53,000 retweets and a very entertaining discussion, during which people were not afraid to share their terrible encounters.

People shared stories that left them no choice but to quit their jobs.

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Unfortunately, sexual harassment is a serious problem that happens everywhere, not just at work. Most of the victims are women, but men can also be targeted by persecutors.

Abusive jokes, inappropriate touching, and intimidating behavior all suggest that the workplace is an extremely unsafe environment. But it’s no secret that dealing with such an issue is very problematic, especially when it comes to management.

However, it is important to report individuals whenever possible, as this behavior may repeat itself with many other victims.

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It seems that limited people will never accept others or admit that they are complete fools due to the fact that they do not tolerate the same people who live on the same planet and walk on the same earth.

It is rather absurd that our society should train someone to be a “better” person when there should be nothing at all that could discriminate. The bad news, however, is that only this kind of training can somehow anchor the foundations of human decency in their brains.

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Microaggression also has a profound effect on people’s mental health, as they can only be described as a prolonged emotional “death”. Quite frankly, this is also a form of discrimination, as it usually targets marginalized groups that the person does not like.

Mispronouncing someone’s name because it is too difficult to tell, assuming the senior employee is not tech-savvy – these examples are just a minor understanding of how micro-aggression actually normalized.

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One of the many positives about social media is that there is always an opportunity to voice your concerns. Chances are, you will receive support from several people who have dealt with the same problems, which will slowly but gradually help our society fix the breakdowns. Even if we start by simply teaching people how to behave properly without hurting others.

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