The Masked Singer Reveals the Celebrity Behind the Cupcake

Love was in the air on the latest episode of Masked singer.

Wednesday, October 13 Season six continued. With the love-based “Date Night” episode. In the performance, the pair was splitting the banana “Cry Me A River”. Michael Bubbly., Cupcake keeps it funky with “fancy”. Bruno MarzThe Queen of Hearts is rejoicing over “LVN Rose”. Death Piaf., Mallard brings energy back with “My Home”. Flu And Caterpillar kept shouting, “If I were a boy.” Beyonc.

After the song, each of the Mystery Stars took part in the Speed ​​Dating era, which included answers to the panelist’s quick questions about love. Nicole Sherzangar., Jenny McCarthy., Robin is tired. And Ken Jeong.

As seen in the previous e! News’ Special first look from the episode.Cupcake nodded to the panelist and shared it when he gave his little self-romantic advice, “Date, don’t get married.” She also revealed that she will liaise with the host. Nick Cannon Because they are both “double troubles”, suggesting the inclusion of twins.

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