The Masked Singer Sneak Peek: Cupcake Teases Her Identity

Is Cupcake Ready to drop her page and reveal who she really is? It seems that this special secret Masked singerEpisode 13 October.

As the new scene unfolds, cupcakes. There are indications of its identity. During “Speed ​​Dating” with the panelist Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy., Nicole Sherzangar. And Robin is tired.. During this one-on-one time with a dressed contestant, panelists can ask Cupcake their most burning questions حال although some reveal more than others.

For example, McCarthy asked Cupcake, “What’s the most used app on your phone?”

First of all, it doesn’t look like one Super Helpful question, but the lack of “tick tock” and “Instagram” in response to the cupcake has led us to conclude that it is no An impressive General Z. For the record, Cupcake says its most used app is Whole Foods.

Jeong stays with the dating theme by asking competitors, “Do you believe in love at first sight?”

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