The meanest things critics have ever said about Megan Fox in Transformers

Megan Fox often doesn’t get the recognition she deserves. Hollywood has pretty much ranked her as one-dimensional “hot girl” characters, and she has argued that her acting options are limited due to her looks. Megan Fox is infamous for both her acting career and personal life, but her sporadic involvement in films suggests that her roles may have been limited. Although some of the gaps could be attributed to the previous controversy with Michael Bay.

The film industry has changed a lot since 2007, the year the film was released Transformers, the film that made Megan Fox famous. It is clear, however, that critics and fans alike can be violent towards women in Hollywood. Critics of the late 2000s particularly harshly praised Megan Fox’s performance in Transformers.

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eight Critics have suggested that Megan Fox needs a shower

Fox News suggested that the star “needs a shower” and also stated that “her enthusiasm also left a lot to be desired»During the promotion. This comment is in the realm of sexism, something like a random man asking a woman to smile when she walks past him on the street, it wouldn’t happen to a man. In addition, critics apparently ruined her hair during this action, as Fox tried to postpone such comments by stating, “Sorry if you don’t like my hair. Opinions are opinions. ” Enthusiasm probably fades from personal abuse, but this was the 2000s.


7 Critics have suggested that Megan Fox had Botox

Fox has also tolerated countless rumors about Botox. Her stunning looks are natural and not that there is anything wrong with botox or enhancement. However, her answer was remembered more than any criticism. Fox posted the album to Facebook. demonstrating his ability to transform the face into expressions normally prohibited by botox. Fox used humor to dispel false rumors.

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6 Critics hated Megan Fox’s character Michaela

This is more a review of Michaela than Megan Fox, but one critic used the sexist term WAG (wife and girlfriend) when he named Fox’s character Michaela, “a WAG wannabe.” Overall, this is a confusing criticism that clearly has a derisive tone, but really says little about the actress herself.

5 Crew members write violent sexist criticism letter to Fox

Members of the Transformers crew published criticism of the interview with Megan Fox, citing a conflict with Transformers Directed by Michael Bay. In this letter, the crew suggested that all Fox had to offer was “pretty eyes and a toned belly,” and claimed she was “dumb as a rock.” The crew says, “Unfortunately, she never smiles.” This was before society realized that they should stop demanding that women smile. In the end, the film crew called her “trailer trash” and said she “posed like a porn star.” A line that problematically pokes fun at sex workers, and also disparages the crew who stylized the set, directed the pose, and photographed Fox “like an ap * rn star.”. “

This letter is one of the harshest, as well as complex and ingrained in the sexist pop culture of the 2000s and early 2010s. Some of the points made in the criticism seem to hint at a mismatch between the cast and crew on set, suggesting that Michael Bay makes the often underrated crew members feel valuable while Fox doesn’t. It is clear, however, that expectations for Fox were based on the idea that women must always look happy and beautiful in order to earn their place, especially in Hollywood. Ultimately, the classism and sexism of this letter is incredibly problematic, but the power dynamics of crew members versus actors and actresses are also problematic.

4 Jimmy Kimmel’s problematic interview

It may not have been evil, but the beliefs expressed in this interview certainly hurt not only Megan Fox, but actresses and women all over the world. During this interview, Fox recalls her acting work at 15 or 16, which involved a lot of sexualization. Kimmel sexistically dismissed the incident as a typical human mindset, and Fox later talked about her experiences with Michael Bay in the later Transformers movie, which generated overwhelming criticism from critics and fans alike. Fox herself mentioned how she opposed the practice of exploitation, but this was all before the #MeToo movement, and her claims were widely rejected and ridiculed.

3 Critics have questioned her competence as a parent

Fox faced questions and criticism hinting that her film career is interfering with hert, a question that is almost never addressed to male actors. This question also ignores the current economic system, which often requires both parents to work full time (often in more than one job), and most parents do not have the same economic resources as Megan Fox currently.

2 Critics confuse Megan Fox with her characters

As with most types, viewers and critics tend to assume that actors have some traits in common with the characters they portray. Fox was often portrayed as a very beautiful and popular girl, and Transformer supported this narrative to a large extent. The 2000s contributed greatly to the notion that beautiful popular girls are evil, and many critics have assumed the same for Megan Fox. Appearance should not be identified with personality.

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one Critics have pretty much crafted a narrative that suggests Megan Fox was neither funny nor cute.

This stems from a variety of incidents, critical analyzes and reports. However, it all seems to have something to do with Fox’s comments about director Michael Bay. Rather than being met with compassion and empathy, Fox was greeted with ridicule and the label “difficult.”

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