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Kourtney Kardashian has come a long way since being called “least interesting to look at” compared to her famous siblings. Today, Courtney is happily engaged to Travis Barker, and her Instagram is a constant feed that emulates the motto “live your best life.” Poosh CEO and Founder makes his life very interesting. And for fans of Kardashian’s older sister, Push’s site is the best way to keep up with Kourtney.

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As pictured on Keep up with the Kardashians Once Courtney started having children, she became more health conscious and took her healthy lifestyle seriously. This led to the birth of Poosh, her health and wellness brand. According to the Poosh site, “Our mission is to EDUCATE, MOTIVATE, CREATE and CREATE a modern way of life, attainable for all.” Since launching in 2019, Poosh has become a lifestyle, motto and verb used by Kourtney herself and Poosh loyal followers. Poosh is a one-stop shop for healthy cooking guides, beauty tips, relationship and sex tips, fitness tricks, and more. Here are some amazing facts about Push.

6 How Courtney came up with the idea for fluff

Courtney was inspired to create Poosh during a brunch with a friend, discussing the current market for online lifestyle brands. Back in the days before there was fluff, there were already lifestyle guides like GOOP and Violet Gray, but they usually recommended products that were high-priced and were not suitable for regular consumers. After launching Poosh in 2019, Courtney revealed Paper, “I really felt like there was not enough space that was not welcoming and unbiased. More like a conversation …Push how to live, not what things to buy… But I like it too. We just made my favorite $ 8 table napkins. Things for everyone. “


5 Push has sentimental meaning

In 2019, Courtney announced on her Instagram that she was launching her own company called Poosh, and there was little information about the brand other than the name at the time. Longtime Kardashian fans instantly recognized the meaning of the name Push, while others were taken aback or thought it sounded oddly similar to Gwent Paltrow’s GOOP brand. “Push” is actually the nickname for Courtney’s daughter Penelope. Often Courtney or Penelope Scott’s father will post pictures of Penelope on Instagram, calling her “Push”.

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4 Courtney’s BFF – COO

(To clarify, the World’s COO of Poosh is the Chief Content Officer.)

Courtney retains the title of CEO and trusts her longtime friend Sarah Howard to monitor all content that Push creates and publishes. Courtney fans and fans Keeping up with the Kardashians will already know who Sarah is, since she was seen from time to time on the show and was often spotted on Courtney’s Instagram feed. Push still relies heavily on Courtney as the face of the company, however they recently expanded their social media presence by posting information on various models and leaders in the beauty industry. And when Push doesn’t show Courtney most likely Sarah will appear.

3 You can actually find affordable everyday products

Push is a wellness market paradise with a wide variety of “sundries”. They offer guides, lists, tips, tricks, recipes, and products that are designed to promote healthy lifestyles. It’s hard to imagine Kardashian-Jenner using everyday products given their extravagant wealth and lifestyle. But you can find many affordable and verified products scattered all over the Poosh site that are advertised as curated or curated by Poosh’s verified team. In the “All Products” section of the website you can browse through products for skin care, fitness, kitchenware, bedding, and more. You can find items under $ 20, $ 500, or a set of items over $ 1,000. Whatever your price range, Poosh seems to be suitable for all demographics.

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2 How much money does Push cost?

As of 2021, Poosh is officially considered a million dollar company. In accordance with Net worth, Push’s fortune is between 15 and 25 million dollars. Most of this income comes from their e-commerce marketplace, where customers can buy their recommended products directly from the website.

one To push or not to push? Fans split up

It’s been two years since Poosh launched their website and the internet still doesn’t know how to relate to the brand. Since 2019, Poosh has expanded its content, products, and overall brand messages. In the beginning, Push relied heavily on Courtney’s personal involvement and product approval. Today, however, Push has a personality of his own. Yes, Kourtney and Kardashian-Jenner are still well represented and have their own section on the website.

So why does the Internet remain indecisive when it comes to Pushing? One of the reasons has to do with the volume of content. Some people are fans of the constant stream of Poosh-related posts in their timeline, and they enjoy keeping up with new products or new lifestyle hacks. Others find the amount they post overwhelming and repetitive, leading some to wonder if Poosh is just a clickbait website. Questions from some Reddit users authenticity of the publication on the siteand if the products and manuals are indeed carefully selected, as promised in the brand’s mission statement. Or there is simply a bunch of copywriters somewhere at the computer who are paid to produce catchy phrases about healthy living. However, like any other brand, especially in today’s wild internet culture, Poosh is still a young company that grows, expands and learns what their customers want. As much as the internet feels, it doesn’t look like the drive to live your best Push-style life is going to slow anytime soon.

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