The most exciting alien project in decades is getting closer to reality

The untitled Alien TV series has been confirmed to begin filming in 2023, but details on when that’s still up in the air (via Term). The show originally tossed a 2023 premiere date, but if filming doesn’t start before the New Year, we might be looking at a 2024 release. The new series will be a prequel of sorts, set before Ellen Ripley’s heroic exploits in space, but still in the future. Effects chief John Landgraf noted that the show would take place in about 70 years (ours, not Ripley’s).

The Alien television project will also take place on Earth, the first in the franchise. Landgraf has promised some big surprises in the new series, but as we said, don’t expect Ripley to show up as that’s just not possible given the time frame. In addition, no other well-known stars from the Alien franchise will appear on the show. So those big surprises are yet to be seen.

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