The most famous celebrities to pose for Playboy (and how much they earned)

Playboy Written in American history, its purchase has been a passing rite for any straight teenage boy since its first issue in 1953. Soon in her glossy pages, the “good girl” gave in to feelings of guilt when she agreed to pose to spread.

What Empower something It’s trash for others, and nothing fuels the controversy, much like the celebrity issue. Playboy For many celebrities, a nude or almost nude photo shoot comes with a high price tag, which is necessary to meet the risk of a public image crisis. Here are 10 celebrities who have posed. Playboy And how much they earned for their work.

10. Marilyn Monroe – 0 0

Marilyn Monroe made ڈالر 0. For pictures of her I Playboy, Which was in the first issue of the magazine in 1953. He posed for pictures a few years ago, and when Hugh Hefner bought them Playboy, He had long left creative control over the images. He bought them from a company that made calendars and he was so impressed with it, he was already anxious to put them on the cover.

9. Lindsay Lohan – 1 million

Lindsay Lohan was once known as the ignorant, healthy Twain who doubled down on us playing the same twins Anne and Haley. Parental network., But she quickly dropped her good girl image and turned to racist schemes, one of which was. Playboy Core Shoot He turned down 750,000 and eventually accepted the offer for ڈالر 1 million.

8. Carmen Electra – 500,000.

Carmen Electra remembers being “very shy” in front of the camera when she first posed. Playboy In 1996, he panicked, though, and found out Paid to do so. She was paid 500 500,000 for her appearance at the time, and quickly calmed down, citing the kind, supportive staff and atmosphere, and then four more for the magazine. Posed

7. Jenny McCarthy – 140,000

The famous actress and anti-vaccine mother posed first. Playboy In 1993, which earned him $ 140,000 and Playmate of the Month. The following year, he won the PlayMate of the Year and posed seven more times, six of which are on the cover. Most recently, she posed for a spread in 2012 and at the age of 39 reported feeling more confident and sexy than ever before.

6. Pamela Anderson $ 25,000

Pamela Anderson’s first appearance on the cover of Playboy It was 1989, and it was the beginning of a long and lucrative career for the magazine. In fact, he still has a record of posing. Playboy Most of the time on any model. Although prices have fluctuated during her 33-year tenure as a model, a corps reportedly gave her ڈالر 25,000, which she donated to a charity. He is involved in many human and animal activities.

5. Dennis Richards – 2 million

Dennis Richards earned 2 million for his cover. Playboy, Released in December 2004. She explains That she was open and honest with her two older daughters (whose father is her ex-husband Charlie Sheen) who talked about her nude modeling and said that they have a strong relationship because of her.

4. Rachel Hunter – 8 1.8 million

Actress and model Rachel Hunter, originally from New Zealand, posed. Playboy Earned 8 1.8 million in 2004 and for his work. At the time, she was fresh from her infamous appearance in the music video as Tyler MILF’s music video for Wayne’s “Stacey’s mother”, which undoubtedly contributed to sky-high purchase numbers for her issue.

3. Drew Barry Moore – 1 million.

Drew Barry Moore burst into our screens and our hearts when he played Gertie. ET At all 20 years old (well, barely), he was paid 1 million to pose. Playboy. Steven Spielberg, who directed it. ET And he has a godfather, Sent him a quilt After her 1995 photo shoot, she said, “Cover up.” In return, he sent her a frame set of pictures in which she jokingly poses as a nun. “I’m sorry,” he said, referring to the pictures, and “I’ve seen the light,” and the pictures are still hanging in Spielberg’s house.

2. Kim Kardashian – $ 110,000.

Kim Kardashian 2007. Playboy She received 110,000 from the photo shoot and, as it turned out, had some lasting regrets. Despite actually describing it as an honor, she recently explained that she wished she hadn’t had so much confidence in her younger days. His mother, Chris Jenner, oversaw the shooting.

1. Heidi Montag – 1 million.

Heidi Montag’s 2009 Playboy There was no nudity in the shoot, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a scandal. Pictures of her smoking hot beach bikini show details of her sex life with husband Spencer Pratt. It received 1 million for expansion.

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