The most famous celebrities who were siblings in Chi Omega.

Sorority but make it famous! For many, college means getting good grades, making new friends and enjoying magical benefits. And while many people still dream of becoming sisters, knowing some of your favorite personalities was just like all the encouragement you need. From actresses to broadcasters. Many female celebrities in this category. As you can imagine.

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Any suspicion would have done it for some, but for some there was only one option: Chi Omega. Founded in April 1985, Chi Omega Sorority has continued to extract tons and tons of incredible women over the years. And while some are living relatively normal lives, others have pursued careers that have brought them to light. From Heather Thomas to Sila Ward to Lucy Liu, here is a list of women who were once members of the once famous Chi Omega Surreality!

Lucy Leo

Lucy Liu, 53, is best known for her stellar performances in films. Charlie’s Angels, Kill the bill And popular series Why do women kill?. While at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Liu Chi was a member of Omega Survival. At the time, the talented actress was studying Asian languages ​​and culture and received her bachelor’s degree in 1990. In addition to his successful acting career, Liu is also a visual artist. His works are on display in galleries in New York and Los Angeles. With all of Liu’s accomplishments in both her careers, without saying that she is a wonderful Chi Omega sister.

Silla Ward

Sella Ward, 65, is best known for her role in the television series. Sisters, She was also the sister of Chi Omega during her university days. The award-winning actress and producer studied at the University of Alabama, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in art and advertising. In addition to living in security, Sella also doubled as home queen and chair leader for the football team. Talk about a versatile sorority sister!

Angela Concierge.

Angela Kansi, a 50-year-old American actress. Known for his role in the famous set work, OfficeChi also makes a list of Omega sisters! Kensy studied English at Baylor University, where she became a member of the famous Sorority. Like many famous celebrity bravery sisters, any one has succeeded on its own. except for Office, She has appeared in many mainstream movies and shows, including Netflix. Tall girl, Disney + Become our chef. And MTV Pleasure..

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Kate Sadler.

Kate Sadler, ex. O! News While studying at the Indiana University Bloomington, Entertainment Reporter, Chi was a member of Omega Sorority, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism. Since leaving college, Sadler has been building a successful broadcasting career. Los Angeles Times. Once it was included in the Top 10 Entertainment Broadcasters.

Heather Thomas

Heather Ann Thomas is best known for her role in the television series. The fallen man.. The actress was a member of the Chi Omega Surrogacy in her days as a student at UCLA, the School of Theater, film and television. Like every other sister on this list, Thomas is versatile, beautiful and an inspiration to many women around the world. She has since left the acting scene and is now serving as a political activist in the United States.

Lisa Huber

Lisa Victoria Huber made headlines after appearing on the 1999 daytime soap opera. Emotions.. She received her bachelor’s degree from the University of North Carolina, where she was a member of Chi Omega Sorority. Lisa has retired from acting and now runs a company called Sage Spoon Films. The former actress is also happily married with children and doesn’t seem to enjoy spending much time with her husband and their four children.

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Joyce Dwight.

Veteran actress Joyce N. Deuteronomy. Three companies. Sherat received her undergraduate education at Ball State University. There, she became a Chi Omega sister, making her one of the many celebrities who were members of Suspicion. After completing her bachelor’s degree, DeWitt moved to California, where she earned a master’s degree from the University of California. She then pursued an acting career, which was successful in itself.

Lane Copletz.

Comedian and actress stand up. Lane Copletz. She received a Bachelor of Arts from Troy State University where she was a member of Chi Omega Sorority. Since graduating from college, Koplitz has had a distinguished career in entertainment, and there is no doubt that the Chi Omega sisters are proud around the world.

Harper Lee

Harper Lee, author of American Classics. To kill the innocent Chi was Omega’s sister while studying law at the University of Alabama. She will later drop out of her law degree to pursue her writing dreams. It is safe to say that this was one of the best decisions she could make.

Melissa Claire Egan.

Young and restless. Star Melissa Claire Egan. He graduated from the University of North Carolina with a Bachelor of Arts in Dramatic Arts. During his time at school, Egan Chi was a member of Omega Sorority.

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