The most famous of these 10 colleges are alumni.

Once a celebrity reaches a certain level of fame, it can be difficult to portray anything other than him. Success story They grew up, and with their anxiety and pressure in particular, it is difficult to picture them as teenagers, which many of us have faced in these weak years. Imagine Robin Williams, an 18-year-old trying to decide which university to go to, not knowing that he will become one of the most popular entertainers ever!

Many celebrities entered prestigious universities who offered the best opportunity to start their chosen career, and their stardom is a partial proof of the success of their respective school to help them achieve success. Which universities boast the most impressive list of alumni? We are naming 10 of them, along with some alumni who went there.

Northwestern University.

Northwestern is proud of the alumni, especially the actor’s heavy roster, possibly because of the prestige of its acting program. Seth Meyers, Stephen Colbert, David Schumer, Warren Betty, Billy Eikner and Julia Louis Dreyfus. All went to Northwestern University for acting. This gives Northwestern University a leg up when it comes to comedy chops as many in this group are live late at night or on Saturday nights.

University of Southern California

We have to thank the University of Southern California. Introduction to Judd Apatow And Will Ferrell. Shonda Rhymes, Lily Collins, Daryl Hannah, Ron Howard and George Lucas also attended. With access to the TV and film industry in Los Angeles shortly after graduation (and perhaps even earlier), it is not surprising that many of these alumni continued to pursue successful careers in the show business. ۔

Berkeley College of Music.

The Berkeley College of Music Icon has a list of alumni, including Amy Mann, Wycliffe Jane, Melissa Etherg, St. Vincent and Paula Cole. John Mayer and The Cheeks Natalie Menes are two of the 311 Grammy winners who attended Berkeley.

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Harvard University

You had to know it was coming. Matt Damon famously went to Harvard University (and used it as an inspiration for Goodwill Hunting), but he was not the only one to head the Ivy League School in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Conan O’Brien, Natalie Portman, Colin Just, and Rashida Jones are famous alumni. Neil de Grass Tyson graduated in 1980 and Sheryl Sandberg in 1987, making him one of the most popular brainchilds to come out of school.

Yale University

Five American presidents studied at Yale University, including George HW Bush and George W. Bush, as their families had close ties to the university until the 1910s. Like Hillary Clinton, Gerald Ford, William Howard Taft and Bill Clinton attended either undergraduate or law school.

Oxford University

The University of Oxford, the world’s oldest English-speaking university, has taken a long time to compile an impressive list of alumni, including 28 British prime ministers and 160 Olympians. Margaret Thatcher and current Prime Minister Boris Johnson are two of the former group. Other notable alumni include author CS Lewis, physicist Stephen Hawking, and author, lawyer, and the only child of Bill and Hillary Clinton, Chelsea Clinton.

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Dartmouth College.

In Hanover, New Hampshire, Dartmouth College is a dreamy little New England Ivy League that conforms to its stereotypes. Mandy Calling attended Dartmouth and spoke proudly of her time there – but not all star lineups stop there. Actress Connie Burton Off. White lotus And comedian Rachel Drechf. Saturday night live. Dartmouth has been called home for four years, as has Fred Rogers, known as “Mr. Rogers.”

Juliard School.

Widely understood. Crop cream When it comes to the arts, The Juliard School is an elective performing arts school in New York that artists want to attend. Adam the driver. Girls And Star Wars She often talks about her background in the theater and how valuable her training is. Viola Davis is another notable alum, and the late Robin Williams is one of the school’s most beloved alumni.

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University of Michigan – Ann Arbor.

The Queen of Pop herself studied at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor – that’s right, Madonna. If that’s not enough for you, what about these Michigan alumni? Actors James Earl Jones, Lucy Liu, Gilda Redner and Darren Chris attended school. Playwright Arthur Miller also went there, winning two Ames and a National Medal for the Arts. This type of representation ranks Michigan first among the most popular alumni.

University of Cambridge

You may not compete with the University of Cambridge in the challenge of intellect. Highlights from Charles Darwin, Alan Turing, and David Attenborough Historical Colleges. Alumni List. Sir Ian McClellan, Stephen Frey, John Claes are other alumni of Cambridge, although you may find them in the Performing Arts instead of the Science Building.

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