The most important roles of Xolo Mariduenha (except for “Cobra Kai”)

Back in 2018, the martial arts series took over Netflix. Release Cobra Kai, saw Netflix users from all over the world rushing into their account to dive into the world Karate kid for the first time since 1994 in this sequel to a classic film series. The series bought out the iconic film characters Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence, played by the original actors from the classic films, Ralph Macchio and William Zabka. Not only that, but Cobra Kai introduced completely new and fresh faces to the world of martial arts. From their own words, both the original and new actors seem to be closely related to the making of the show, and the cast has a lot of positive feedback on the show.

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One of the representatives of the new generation of “karate children” is 20-year-old Californian actor Xolo Mariduenha. This talented actor made his mark on the film industry long before he landed the role of the determined Miguel Diaz in the original Netflix series. Let’s take a look at some of Mariduenha’s most memorable roles outside of Cobra Kai dojo.

6 Blue Beetle in DC’s Blue Beetle

While it has yet to be released, it was announced back in December 2021 that Mariduenha will be part of the cast of the upcoming DC feature film., Blue beetle. After his success and impressive performance at Cobra KaiIt’s easy to see why Mariduenha was cast in the lead role in the upcoming superhero movie. During an interview with USA today, Mariduenha revealed some pretty interesting details about how the project was progressing for him. He emphasized how excited he was when he tried on his superhero costume for the first time.

Mariduenha stated: “We tried on two suits. They hope that I will have more positive emotions by the time we actually start filming. But I’ve seen the costume and it looks amazing. “


5 Victor Graham in the movie Parents

Next, we have perhaps one of the most notable roles of Mariduenha outside of Cobra Kai. Back in 2012, viewers met the young actor thanks to the role of Victor Graham in the NBC comedy-drama series. Parenthood. Mariduenha first appeared on the series in the third season as a guest and became the main character and regular contributor to the series from the fourth through sixth seasons. At 11, Mariduenha played alongside a pretty stellar cast including Monica Potter. During an interview with Pop trigger, young Mariduenha talked about what it was like working with the actors for him.

He stated, “This is definitely a great experience for my first TV show and possibly the best TV show I have ever participated in. It’s a terrific cast and I don’t think it compares to anything you’ve ever done for the rest of your life. “

4 Zayd Antonius in the movie “Cleopatra in Space”

Next, we have one of Mariduenyi’s many roles as a voice actor. In 2020, he played the role of Zayd Antonius in the children’s animated comedy. Cleopatra in space… The premise of the series centers around the adventures of a young Cleopatra (Lilimar Hernandez) trying to find her way back to her planet and a period of time after being transported to an alien planet several thousand years into the future. In the series, Mariduenha portrays Cleopatra’s deceptive and fleeting love interest.

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3 Andres in Victor and Valentino

Another off-screen animated role for Maridueni was in the children’s series. Victor and Valentino. This Cartoon Network cartoon follows protagonists Victor Calavera and Valentino Calavera (with all due respect Diego Molano and Sean-Ryan Petersen), two completely opposite brothers who visit their grandmother in the mysterious city of Monte Macabre. Latin American culture and themes are very important to the show as it seeks to explore its folklore. In the series, Mariduenha played the role of Andres and appeared in only 6 episodes.

2 Steve in Goodnight America

Back in 2021, Mariduenha starred in a YouTube short film titled Good night america… Despite the small budget, the film’s thematic messages about the US government’s attitudes towards immigrants and deportation were not only widespread, but also reflected current social problems in American society. In the film, Mariduenha played the role of Steve.

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one Lucas in Fast and Furious: Spy Racers

Another voice acting role played by Mariduenha is in a children’s comedy. Fast and furious spy racing… Starring Wolf cub star, Tyler Posey, the show is based on the cult film series, Fast and furious as the main character of the series Tony Toretto (Tyler Posey) is the cousin of the Fast and the Furious legend House Toretto (Vin Diesel). Diesel was even one of the show’s executive producers. In the series, Mariduenha played the role of Lucas and appeared in only 3 episodes.

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