The Most Successful Disney+ Original Movies So Far

It goes without saying that Hamilton was a resounding financial success on Broadway. Breaking box office records and fitting in with the cultural zeitgeist, this landmark musical, which chronicles the life of Alexander Hamilton and reveals the nuances of other Founding Fathers, is a game-changer. In the first few months of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Hamilton has moved to a whole new medium thanks to Disney+. A filmed version of the show featuring the original Broadway cast debuted on this service on the weekend of July 4, 2020 in lieu of its original theatrical release October 2021. It was a big risk to give up all those cash dollars in favor of supporting the streamer. However, this shift in release eventually paid off, as the long-awaited arrival of “Hamilton” proved itself to be a juggernaut and drew countless eyes on Disney+ during its first year.

While Disney has never released official numbers on Hamilton’s viewership, third-party services have offered up fascinating insights into its reach. 7Park Data, for example, is reported Diversity that in July 2020, Hamilton was viewed more than any other streaming project, by a huge margin. In December 2020, it was revealed that “Hamilton” was second most watched streaming movie of 2020, only after Wonder Woman 1984. These reports dispelled any fear that Hamilton’s success would not be reflected on the small screen.

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