The most worth watching TV shows of 2022 so far

Disney had some trouble turning Star Wars into a Marvel-style sprawling universe. This is not necessarily a new franchise venture; until 2014, there was the Star Wars Expanded Universe (now decanonized as Star Wars: Legends) with many books, games, shows, etc. of varying quality. Fans have high expectations, and many are critical of Disney’s production despite its efforts to create a stylistically cohesive world of consistently better content.


Unsurprisingly, fans were skeptical of Andor, a series based on a minor character from 2016’s Rogue One, an interesting but inconsequential part of the franchise. However, given that Andor’s story isn’t really about the Force, the Jedi, the Sith, or any of the Skywalker Saga baggage, it was able to create a unique personality and, as a result, is arguably the best. Star Wars ever did, period.

That’s because he’s surprisingly unwavering in his display of the violence needed to fight fascism. very hot topic right now – and the physical and psychological losses that people suffer. Showrunner Tony Gilroy even compared the titular Andor Diego Luna to a young Joseph Stalin who once used his skills as a thief in the service of the Russian Revolution (via rolling stone), although Andor does not appear to turn to forced labor, starvation, and the secret police, as Stalin eventually did.

This is in line with George Lucas’ original vision for the story. Star Wars took a revolutionary stance from the start: Lucas claimed that the Viet Cong were the rebels from the original trilogy, and America was the Empire (via AMS). Amazing visuals, award-winning performances from the entire cast (including Andy Serkis as the non-Snoke character) and a great script all put Andor head and shoulders above everything else Disney has pulled off so far.

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