The mother is expecting her younger daughter to make a mentally ill daughter her bride, but the bride-to-be cannot see it.

It is difficult to have someone in the family who is not able to take care of himself because then your whole life revolves around that person, not leaving much room for your own needs. You really can’t run away from it, especially if you’re living together and even though you refuse to be the caretaker, knowing you’re leaving a family member can make you feel really guilty. and can cause friction with other family members.

reddit user tired sister87524 He has to face this dilemma himself as he has a mentally ill sister whom he has taken care of all his life. And now that she is getting married, she is expected to make the sister bride; However, she doesn’t want to and is asking if she is a terrible sister to him.

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This woman doesn’t want her mentally ill sister to be her bride, but has received a lot of negative feedback from her family

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The narrator of the story is a 25-year-old woman named Sara who has a 27-year-old sister who is mentally ill. This is quite serious as she needs constant monitoring and cannot function as a normal person. The original poster (OP) does not state what her sister has found out, but she does state that “her needs are complex and sometimes conflicting. She has had several bad reactions to drugs in the comments.” There are diagnoses and misdiagnosis.

Sarah took care of her sister for the rest of her life because her father had a stroke when she was 8 years old, so her mother could not do everything herself. The OP has two older brothers, but it doesn’t seem like they were involved. She was 19 when Sarah’s father died and now the mother is the sister’s primary caregiver.

Sara, 25, has an older sister who suffers from a serious mental illness and has had to take care of her as far as she can remember.

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Over the years, there have been times when the sister committed unforgivable acts that Sarah avoided because she thought it was a disease.

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Sara tells how difficult it has been to live with her mentally unstable sister and how badly she had to endure. The OP seems to have burned through the years of being the Wise Sister and feels that there is no more real sister relationship between them.

The woman thinks that her sister loves her in her own way and can be really cute at times, but this doesn’t last long and even if one says that Sarah is a very sweet sister, the only thing she can feel. He has indifference towards his elder sister.

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Due to her experience, Sarah does not want to make her sister a bridesmaid because she knows what can happen.

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The woman repeatedly responds to people’s opinion in the comments, reiterating that she does not forget that her sister is mentally ill and that her actions are not her fault but the result of the disease that keeps her captive.

Keeping this in mind, Sarah does not want her sister to be his bride because as long as she remembers, every time there was an incident when she should have been the center of attention, her sister has to interrupt it in some way.

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Sarah still wants her sister to attend the wedding, but only as a regular guest

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However, this angered the mother and her brothers, who thought it would destroy the older sister.

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The OP still wants his sister to come to the wedding, but as a regular guest his mom will be able to keep an eye on him. Plus, the bride and groom are usually the people you care about the most, so the sister she broke up with won’t meet that need.

This upsets Sara as she learns that her family has a tradition of always choosing sisters as brides. There was also a fight because of loudly telling his mother and brothers. Her mother specifically expressed her dismay, saying that she is not sure if she can expect Sarah to take care of the sister when the mother is too old for her.

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Sarah is on the verge of giving up for not upsetting her family, but wants to know if she was the only one who thought it wasn’t right

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The reaction of his relatives and his own doubts make Sara think that he is a wicked person. Also, she feels that she has an obligation to make her sister a bridesmaid, but it is a marriage decision that she wants to make voluntarily.

Other Redditors thought it was her big day and she shouldn’t succumb to pressure from her family. Some of them suggested giving a separate role to the sister in the marriage so that she does not feel alone. Others pointed out that if she wasn’t the bride at the brothers’ weddings, why should Sarah make her up?

She is certainly not alone as other Redditors have fully supported her decision and reasoning.

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