The NCIS Star You Probably Forgot Appeared on Dawson’s Cove

Dawson Leary (James Van Der Beek) struggled to come to terms with himself over the untimely death of his father, so his friend Jen (Michelle Williams) suggested he see a therapist. After a little persuasion, Jan Dawson opened up to Dr. Rachel Weir (Perrette). Perrette only appeared in season five episodes of Dawson’s Creek titled “Text, Lies and Videotape” and “Hotel New Hampshire,” but her role was pivotal in helping Dawson rediscover himself after his father’s death.

And although Perrette only starred in three scenes and the actress only starred with Van Der Beek, she was in control of her character’s limited screen time. As with Abby in NCIS, Dr. Weir’s intelligence and kindness were on full display. With Weir’s help, Dawson realized that his father’s death wasn’t the only problem: something else was going on under the surface of his relationship with longtime girlfriend Jen.

Thanks to Weir’s advice, Dawson opened up romantically to Jen when they attended a film festival together the following weekend. They made love for the first time and Leary lost his virginity to one of his old friends. And those sweet, romantically charged scenes between Dawson and Jen in the honeymoon suite will have fans trembling with ASMR.

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