The new mom gave both twins the same name as their last name, and people wondered

When people in your family have the same name, things can get very confusing. For example, my father and I have the same name, and when we meet, everything becomes fun. It’s a lot of fun, but it can make someone outside of the family feel a little lost. So naturally quite a few Internet users had very strong opinions when they read the story of identical names on the AITA subreddit.

Reddit user u / Deadlybutterknife from Australia, shared the story about how they voiced their opinion that it was completely “idiotic” for colleagues to give their newborn twins names that are pronounced the same: Sean and Weeden. Moreover, both parents’ last names are also Sean, so they had a lot of fun imagining how surprised people would be to meet their children in the future.

However, the story took a rather unexpected turn: after the rather outright excitement of the redditor, the parents reacted very unexpectedly. Scroll down to see the full story and share your thoughts with us in the comments.

This was told by the author of the story, u / Deadlybutterknife, who works in the financial sector. Bored panda that they worked with both colleagues for 12 years in three companies and changed roles repeatedly. “We have a good relationship and a lot of trust between us. They are good-natured and funny people, you can tell them whatever you want, and if it’s honest, they’ll take it into account, ”they explained why they were able to be so frank about the whole naming situation. “A lot of people were fixated on the fact that I was bad about it, but in fact we have such a relationship.”

Redditor shared his honest opinion that colleagues want to call their newborn twins the same.

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Moreover, the parents wanted their children’s names to sound the same as their last name.

Parents acted somewhat unexpectedly and actually changed their minds.

However, the author of the story had problems with the personnel department.

I was curious how bad the repercussions were at work after posting the redditor on r / AskReddit. “I don’t know yet, on the 10th I’m back at work. But I am very well versed in strategy in my industry, my role is so difficult to hire and so niche that it is very unlikely that anything will happen to me other than asking me to take more into account the feelings of my colleagues, ”- u / Killing Knife said

Redditor also shared his opinion on finding a balance between unique and traditional names. “Freakonomics made two great naming sections. It all boiled down to the fact that the more unique and more ethnic the name was, the more it was correlated with a decrease in potential income. So I think the name should be sensible enough that someone can tell your name by looking at it, and there shouldn’t be anything for you to look at it and start “damn it?” “

The redditor added that they themselves have three children. “I am not a supporter of traditional names, but they are readable,” they said.

What shocked me the most was that my parents actually took their colleagues’ comments calmly. In fact, they have changed their minds and are planning to give Seen a different name. However, the name of the other twin will be named as originally planned. Name: Sean. Last name: Sean. Again, they heard the opinion of a trusted friend and coworker, so they appreciated their thoughts.

The author of the story was reported to HR for posting on the AITA subreddit. Ironically, they weren’t reported by their parents, as they found the entire comment that the matching names were “idiotic” was pretty funny.

However, seriously (and something that some editors have picked up), parents have a very important responsibility when choosing names for their children. They need to think about how other people, especially children, will react at school when they hear their name. Incredibly original names can increase the risk of children being targeted by bullies. On the other hand, bullying is never tolerated for any reason.

Lauren Seeger-Smith, CEO of Kidscape, a UK-based charity that aims to protect children from harm and abuse, previously told that bullying is “unacceptable.”

Children can be bullied for a variety of reasons, be it a “funny” name, wearing glasses, their marital status, being overweight, etc. Lauren said that children need a lot of support from their parents and social environment when someone attacks them. things that make up their identity. These attacks are very difficult to bear.

“Never underestimate the impact of bullying, understand what your child needs to feel safe, and if bullying occurs at school, make sure you communicate the consequences of the situation to the school,” Lauren said.

“You can also look for opportunities to develop your child’s confidence and assertiveness skills so they can be proud of who they are,” she suggested, so that parents can encourage their children to become more emotionally resilient when faced with bullying, which should never be the case. … occur at school or outside of it.

Here’s what some netizens thought about the idea of ​​giving twins the same name.

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