The only ’70s show star who was actually from Wisconsin

Being a Wisconsinian is perhaps the only thing Kurtwood Smith has in common with his surly character on That ’70s Show. Red’s conservative views, including support for America in Vietnam, contrast sharply with the actor’s political views. During President Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, Smith supported the politician when he and actor Justin Long performed at UW-Whitewater.

“I was born in Wisconsin, in New Lisbon, which is over there in Juneau County,” Smith revealed (via Jefferson County Daily Union). The actor hoped to encourage youth to vote and spoke about the importance of his upbringing in the Midwest.

“When I think about times like this when I go back to Wisconsin, it always makes me think about what the world was like then, what it is now, and what it will be the rest of the time when I’m around and what the world will be like when I’m gone. will, and for my children and grandchildren,” Smith said. He also went on to explain his relationship with his stepfather, who the actor says was the prototype for his interpretation of Red. That ’70s Show owes a lot to his stepfather, and fans might not have the Red Foreman they know and love without him. Smith is grateful for the series, especially since he will soon play the character again.

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