The only Charlie’s Angels actress to remain throughout the series

Between seasons 2 and 3, for a brief moment, the Charlie’s Angels seemed to have fully recovered from the departure of Farrah Fawcett with the solid, equally popular trio they flaunted in Kate Jackson, Jacqueline Smith and Cheryl Ladd. But when Jackson[hung] lift her halo,” as the cover of People magazine said, the producers again had to fight for a replacement – and a way to keep the audience committed to the ever-changing dynamic.

The solution found was Shelley Hack, an actress previously known for her appearances in advertisements for the popular Revlon “Charlie” perfume in the seventies. With her flair and Old-Mollywood elegance, Hack’s Tiffany Wells was credited as the instigator of the show’s shift in philosophy towards a heightened sense of glamour, and a new preoccupation with fashion – complete with the biggest wardrobe budget on television at the time (via People). However, the addition of the cast did not help the show’s ratings, and ABC fired Hack at the end of season 4.

Tanya Roberts arrived as Julie Rogers, who became the sixth and final Angel added to the series’ rotating trio. Her character was a former rebellious teenager much like Roberts herself, and the cast and crew hoped for a while that she would be the one to revive the interest of the audience in Charlie’s Angels. It ultimately didn’t work out, resulting in the show being canceled after five seasons, leaving Smith alone as the only OG Angel left from Season 1.

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