The only couple from season 13 who are still together

Last season Married at first sight was definitely interesting. Many dramatic events took place in each couple’s marriage, and each of them reached the point where they almost ended the relationship. The experts did their best, but it seems that this time they could fail most of the matches. Three out of five couples decided to divorce on the day of the decision, and one of the couples who chose to stay married ended up getting divorced after a couple of weeks.

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Almost every marriage this season has ended in disaster. But there is one couple that surprised everyone, and despite everything they went through, they are still together. Let’s see who this special couple is and how they made it through Season 13. Married at first sight

7 It seemed that Jose and Rachel really found love at first sight

As soon as Jose saw Rachel, his jaw dropped and his eyes lit up. And as soon as Rachel saw Jose, she couldn’t stop smiling. If you didn’t know they were getting married at first sight, you would never know that they haven’t met before. When they saw each other, it seemed that they were already in love with each other. Jose and Rachel’s wedding day was one of the best days for a couple in season 13 – they seemed completely happy all day and they began to understand why the experts had picked them up.


6 Jose and Rachel were the first couple to say “I love you”

After the wedding, Jose and Rachel officially began life together as husband and wife. They went to Florida on their honeymoon with other couples and spent time there to get to know each other better. All this was for them like a dream come true, and it seemed that they were falling in love more and more every day. The honeymoon lasted for about a week, and then Jose and Rachel had to return to real life with their new wife. But the romance didn’t end there. Even after they moved in together and began their life together, they still touched and kissed constantly. Everything seemed to be going in the right direction and they became the first couple to say “I love you” in a few weeks.

5 But Jose and Rachel realized they had some disagreements (especially with finances).

For a while, everything was perfect, but after they began to get to know each other better, they realized that there are some differences between them. No two people are exactly the same, but in order for the relationship to continue, the couple must be on the same wavelength with what they want in life and what they expect from each other. Jose and Rachel seem to want the same things, like family and travel. But the biggest difference is how they manage their finances. This can cause problems later on because it can affect how they raise their future children and how they travel. They also learned that they deal with conflict in different ways, which can end up being a huge problem.

4 Jose and Rachel had a big fight and Jose kicked Rachel out of their apartment

Remember how we said that Rachel and Jose handle conflicts differently? Well, the couple got it clear when they had their first big fight. During Episode 10 of Season 13, Rachel accidentally gave Jose the wrong name when they were on a date, and Jose started screaming and scolding Rachel when they got home. The producer was with them during the fight, so Rachel pulled her out when she left. But when Rachel tried to return to their apartment, she found that Jose had locked her. She stayed up all night trying to find where to stay. Rachel tried to talk to Jose when he finally let her back into the apartment, but he didn’t want to apologize and hardly spoke to her. During the episode, Rachel told Jose, “I do not feel at all that you are repenting. I don’t feel like you’re sorry at all, and yes, I can’t be your wife.“Everyone thought it was the end of the road for them.

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3 Jose and Rachel decided to stay married on the day of the decision

After a big fight between Jose and Rachel, everyone, including themselves, thought that their marriage had broken up. But they got over it together and decided to give their marriage another chance. While Jose and Rachel definitely found that they had some differences, over time they also realized why the experts decided to compare them. In accordance with Distract, experts, Dr. Viviana Coles, Pastor Cal Roberson and Dr. Pepper Schwartz “believe that their similar backgrounds and interests can solve problems.“They share the same core values ​​that have helped bring them closer together and keep them together. The couple decided to stay married on the day of the decision because they both care for each other and want their marriage to work.

2 Jose and Rachel took a hiatus shortly after the decision was made.

During the season 13 reunion, Rachel and Jose revealed that they took a short break after deciding to stay married. They moved into Jose’s apartment after a day of the decision and soon after that they started fighting a lot. They could not stand the constant arguments, so they decided to take a break and see if this would help them part for a short time. It looks like the hiatus really helped them as they seem to be doing better now and are still married.

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one Jose and Rachel are the only couple from season 13 who are still together

Jose and Rachel are the second couple to say yes on the day of the decision, but they are the only ones who stayed together after that. Mirla and Gil were another couple who decided to stay married on the day of the decision. It only lasted about two weeks, and then Mirla asked for a divorce. They didn’t have much of a problem, but Mirla admitted that she just wasn’t attracted to Gil and didn’t see herself with him. Fans believe it was cruel of her, as Gil gave up the apartment in order to remain married to her. All other couples’ marriages also ended in disaster. But Jose and Rachel unexpectedly turned out to be a couple who stayed together. It is rumored that they may have broken up in October this year, but nothing has been confirmed. As far as we know, they are still together.

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