The Only Game of Thrones Character Who Was Incredibly Difficult to Play

It turns out that it was Arya Stark, a young member of Stark who is training to be an assassin in order to avenge the deaths of her family members. The role, of course, went Maisie Williamsgot two Emmy nominations for her performance as Arya.

At the 2017 South by Southwest panel, co-showrunner David Benioff discussed what Arya’s casting process entailed (via mental thread). Benioff started off by explaining that they found the choice of Arya and Sansa difficult because the characters are very young at the beginning of the series, but then their arcs turn out to be very dark and tense. However, Arya’s casting took even longer than expected.

Benioff explained, “I remember we probably looked through 300 girls in England and couldn’t find the right Arya.” Then, in the midst of reviewing the audition tapes, they stumbled upon Williams. The showrunner continued, “There was something about that little petite face that just felt right. She looked about seven years old. Like she was 12 but approaching seven. So we clicked on the video to listen and waited about 40 minutes for it to finish. download. When we saw this audition video, she was just fucking awesome.”

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