The only modern family member Sofia Vergara quarreled with

As it turns out, the only member of the Modern Family ensemble that Sofia Vergara can’t stand is none other than Stella, the French bulldog of the Pritchett clan. And the truth is, Vergara doesn’t need much acting to make her true, less-than-adoring feelings for the little dog come across as convincing.

According to PeopleVergara spoke about her relationship with Stella to me while attending PaleyFest 2012, an annual TV festival held in Los Angeles. After some joking from series creator Steven Levitan about her harsh feelings towards the animal, Vergara responded, “It’s not that I hate the dog! I’m not used to having a small dog lick me from above.” The actress then explained that her reaction was not to Stella per se, but simply to the fact that in her home country, Colombia, people treat dogs in their own way in their lives. “In her country,” Vergara continued, “dogs are usually kept outside in the yard, where they sleep. “They don’t get into your bed,” she noted, adding, “That’s different.”

The sad truth, however, is that Beatrice, the second canine actor to introduce Gloria as Stella, passed away shortly after the final episode of Modern Family was wrapped (according to Explosion).

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