The ordinary life of Tom Cruise’s daughter in South London with her British husband and a pet reptile

TOP Gun star Tom Cruise lives a glamorous lifestyle as one of Hollywood’s most beloved actors.

But things are very different for his daughter Bella Kidman Cruz, who prefers a quiet life in London with her husband and pets.



Isabella lives an ordinary life in South London with her husband and pets.1 credit
The couple is said to live in an ordinary three-bedroom house in London.


The couple is said to live in an ordinary three-bedroom house in London.Credit: Oliver Dixon – Kristen Bell Tattoos

Isabella, 29, the eldest child of 59-year-old Tom and Nicole Kidman, was adopted by the former couple in 1992 while still just a toddler.

But instead of living in Los Angeles, where most of her family lives, or working in the film industry, she lives a normal life in South London.

Bella and her husband Max Parker’s three-bedroom property is close to his parents and they share their home with their pet lizard.

The Scientologist is said to have turned down her father’s £324,000-a-month penthouse offer when she first moved to London.

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The Top Gun actor is believed to own a sprawling property near 10 Downing Street with an indoor swimming pool.


According to her neighbors, Bella prefers to “live in the shadows” and is “very mysterious”, keeping to herself.

A source said: “I wouldn’t recognize her if she came up and punched me in the face. I can’t keep up with celebrity culture.


“They have some kind of reptile – we can see the red light of the tank. That seems to be all everyone knows. She is very mysterious.

“I guess she chose to live away from the limelight.”

Isabella keeps a constant eye on her personal life on social media, as she rarely appeared during last year’s World Cup.

She shared a selfie as she supported Gareth Southgate’s England team in the final, adding the England flag to the caption.

The T-shirt designer also occasionally posts pictures of her husband Max, an IT consultant she married in 2015 after meeting through friends.

Their reception was at London’s private club Shoreditch House, and her famous parents were off the guest list.

The couple then moved into a £535,000 semi-trailer in 2017, ferrying their belongings from a house nearby in Bella’s Fiat 500.

Despite her parents’ wealth of over £600 million, Isabella has always earned her own money through her artwork.

She sells limited edition art prints starting at £25 and fashion bags with her designs for £15.


Bella was eight years old when her parents Tom and Nicole, 54, separated, and at first she divided her time between them.

While she and Connor were with Tom, he took them to Scientology classes in Clearwater, Florida, where they heard followers talk about achieving “spiritual freedom.”

In 2004, instead of spending time with Nicole, they were sent to a Scientology summer camp.

The following year they lived with Tom full-time and were homeschooled by his sister Cass.

After her parents’ divorce in 2001, she and Connor lived in Los Angeles with Tom, who also has 12-year-old Suri and his third ex-wife Katie Holmes.


Bella described how she “drowned in problems” before training to become a Scientology “auditor” — essentially a consultant who helps other believers get out of “spiritual suffering” with the help of an E-meter.

The device is similar to a lie detector and supplies the subject with low-voltage electricity.

Bella said in an email sent to fellow Scientologists in London, “This is what I was looking for. The missing piece. Thanks to my father for everything.”

Scientology was founded by science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard and claims that humans are the vessels for the spirits of immortal “thetans”, frozen souls placed on Earth by the galactic Emperor Xenu.

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Nicole insists she’s happy with her kids’ choices, previously saying, “They’re adults. They have chosen to become Scientologists and it is my job as a mother to love them.”

Despite rumors of a breakup in 2018, when Nicole forgot to mention daughter Bella in her Golden Globes speech, she insisted they “talk”.

“Of course we talk — they are my parents. Anyone who says otherwise is talking shit,” she concluded.

Tom is said to have a vast London estate not far from number 10.


Tom is said to have a vast London estate not far from number 10.Credit: Getty Images – Getty
Bella was adopted by Nicole and Tom in 1992.


Bella was adopted by Nicole and Tom in 1992.
She keeps fans updated on her life on Instagram.


She keeps fans updated on her life on Instagram.1 credit

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