The original script for the film “Twilight” discussed by its creators

“In the original script, Bella was literally being chased by the FBI on jet skis.”

Apparently it was part dust For a while, there were rumors that in the original script for the film, Bella was an athlete riding a jet ski and shooting vampires. However, I, a simple idiot with a laptop and an internet connection, did not know this. That is, until today.

In the new podcast episode Big Hits Show, people involved in the creation dust the movie was about what the first script looked like – and oh my god, it’s dark.

For context, MTV Films Paramount Picture originally acquired the film rights to Dust. Mark Lord, whoever wrote the first script, originally pitched it as a vampire interpretation. Romeo and Juliet – but according to Mark, “They just wanted to add some more action to push it further and give it something more for the male audience. They thought they were going to lose the male audience because of too much romance.”

Summit Entertainment

When asked if Bella shot the vampires with a shotgun in the first script, Mark replied, “It’s probably a tough ass, of course.”

One of the major departures from Bella’s character in the books was that in Mark’s script, she was a runner – and she met Edward while running through the woods. “I wanted to have a strong [female character]rather than just yearning for this guy.”

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Why should “strong female character” mean “more like a man”?

From the looks of it, the script went like this: “The best we could put together for what they wanted. They were happy with it.” However, the new head of production at Paramount said that people don’t want a werewolf movie – so, in short, the movie ended with The Summit.

Summit Entertainment

To loosen up the guys at Paramount a little, dust The saga was not the international mega-hit as we knew it back then. But still!

Gillian Borer, Creative Director of Summit, said of the first script, “I remember one of the scenes was a boat chase, I remember the barn burned down, and I remember Bella’s father died and then Bella turned into a vampire. All of this happens in the first story.”

Katherine Hardwick, director of the first dust film, echoed Gillian’s feelings and said, “In the original script, Bella was being pursued by the FBI literally on a jet ski. She was a star athlete. Nothing to do with the book.”

“It’s interesting that the first screenwriter was a man, and that led to jet skis and shotguns to do the job of keeping Bella active.” — Melissa Rosenberg, who ended up writing the actual script. dust scenario, explanation. “And then when you put women on it, we go in the direction of character.”

Unsurprisingly, Stephenie Meyer herself wasn’t a big fan of the original, gun-toting Bella – and almost decided not to give the rights to another studio. Luckily, the Summit team convinced her that the new version would be closer to the book and the rest is history.

You can listen to the full episode Big Hits Show here.

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