The Orville’s Ann Winters talks about the coolest thing she’s done on the show

You might think that Ann Winters enjoyed piloting a spaceship, or traveling through time, or even singing with coxswain Gordon Malloy (Scott Grimes) – a likely result of working with Seth MacFarlane, who often finds space for a little song and dance on his show. . But while the actress enjoyed the whole Orville experience, it was actually something more physical and adventurous that really stood out. When asked television line which was the coolest thing she did, Winters responded, “When I had to jump out of a plane. It was fun. I loved it, it was my favorite day.” So you go; Clearly this is a woman who loves to be in action.

In the end, Charlie sacrifices herself to save the very robots she hates. It’s a noble decision in the penultimate episode of season 3, and while viewers never get the chance to invest too much in the character, it’s a sad ending nonetheless. There are interesting parallels to Hemmer’s character in the first season of Star Trek: Stranger New Worlds, who also meets his demise beautifully in the show’s penultimate episode, which recently aired on Paramount+. And in both cases, the character arcs were designed that way from the start. Indeed, the last frontier.

But don’t worry about Winters. Her brief but memorable stint at The Orville probably won’t be the last we’ll see of the talented performer. And seeing as she almost made the robot cry, it’s probably a good idea to stay by her side.

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