The outcome of the Harry Potter reunion: Emma Watson’s struggle, J.K. Rowling’s awkward cameo

The Harry Potter reunion finally aired tonight with a string of behind-the-scenes secrets, including a sad revelation from Emma Watson.

Harry Potter fans are exposed to a treasure trove of nostalgia, filming secrets and behind-the-scenes stories with tonight’s reunion premiere.

Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: ​​Return to Hogwarts fell on Binge tonight, with a nearly two hour special event that leaves no stone unturned (Philosophical).

From cast and crew reunions to the main trio’s magical first screening, child stars fiddling around on set, and the timeless legacy of films … The HBO Max extravaganza has left little to the imagination of Potterheads around the world.

An emotional reunion takes viewers on a journey that begins from the very beginning, from the release of J.K. Rowling’s favorite books in the 90s, before exploring the process of making each film in isolation.

Emma Watson’s Secret Battle

When the fifth film is Order of the Phoenix – had to start production, the children’s cast turned into young people.

The dangers of early childhood fame and the overwhelming workload have taken its toll on British actress Emma Watson, now 31, who revealed during her reunion that she doesn’t want to return to the franchise after four astronomically successful films.

“People forget what she took on and how gracefully she did it,” said Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) of his co-star.

Watson said, “I found a diary entry (from that time) that was like ‘Mmmm.’ I saw that at times I was lonely. Glory really hit homes hard. “

She later tells Rupert Grint, “I think I was scared. I don’t know if you ever felt that there was a turning point when you said, “Now this is like forever.”

Grint said he had these moments “all over.”

Watson said her Harry Potter family and loyal fans helped her continue her role as Hermione in the next four films.

“Nobody had to convince me to see it through … The fans really wanted you to succeed. And we all sincerely supported each other. How cool is that? “- said Watson.

J.K. Rowling Dated Cameo

Following reports that Rowling did not return for the performance following her controversial transgender comments, the British author made a brief appearance throughout the reunion in solo interviews.

However, during her performance, a somewhat revealing note flashed on the screen with the words “Filmed in 2019”.

A special reunion video was filmed in late 2021 using Rowling’s archival footage. She only appeared during the casting snippet for the role of Harry Potter.

“We couldn’t find Harry. We just couldn’t find Harry. And it just got weirder and more panicky, ”says Rowling.

“It was very emotional to see this kid (Daniel Radcliffe) sitting there and talking. That’s all, we found him. “

“Hormones fly”

When it came to the fourth movie – Goblet of Fire – the actors were teenagers. All of their characters first fell in love with themselves, and, of course, this happened offscreen.

“This movie is about teenagers who first fall in love with someone who asks someone out on a date to the Yule Ball, they just reflect the awkward phases you go through as a teenager, and they really felt that way because we literally had the same experience, ”said Bonnie Wright, who plays Ginny Weasley.

Radcliffe said at the time that he turned to Watson for dating advice.

“The amount of training and mentoring that Emma and I could give each other in texting of the opposite sex. If she was texting a guy or I was texting a girl, I would say, “She sent me so many kisses, what should I do? A nightmare “.

“There was probably a peak in the hormone in this movie. At least for me. This was exactly what you expected. Moreover, in this film, they attracted new groups of people who were purposefully hot. So yeah, this movie was just getting started. “

Grint added: “It was a very interesting film in terms of … a lot of hormones flying around.”

But at the festival of love, only two stars parted. In the news, which has been around for quite some time, Watson and Felton have confirmed that they are “in love” at one stage.

“I walked into the room where we were having classes, and we were given the task of drawing what you thought God looked like. And Tom drew a girl in a cap backwards on a skateboard. And I just don’t know how to say it, I just fell in love with him, ”Watson said.

“I came every day and looked for his number in the phone book. Number 7. And if his number was on the cuelist, it was a very exciting day.

“I think the truth is that Tom was often the one with whom I could always be more vulnerable.”

Felton said he still has a soft spot for Watson “today.”

“I think I was sitting in a chair for hair and makeup, and someone said that she (Watson) is in love with you,” Felton recalls.

“I became very protective of her. I have always had a soft spot for her, and this continues to this day. There was always something … I don’t know, kinship. “

However, Watson added that the couple never went beyond their feelings.

“We’ve never had anything romantic, we just love each other. That’s all I can say about it. “

Hunt for Harry and Company

Director Chris Columbus, who directed the first two films, had a clear vision of Harry. But he couldn’t find a suitable actor.

This continued until he saw the then 10-year-old Radcliffe starring in the BBC. David Copperfield

“Immediately the light came on and I said, ‘This is Harry Potter. This is the child I have been looking for for several months. “

Unfortunately for Columbus, Radcliffe’s parents turned down the opportunity for their son, and there was a deal on the table that included seven films to be filmed in Los Angeles.

“Mom and Dad thought, ‘This is not going to happen.’ This is a serious disruption to his life, ”said Radcliffe.

The producers tried desperately to block him after screen testing Radcliffe with Watson and Grint (Ron Weasley) – the trio shared an unrivaled chemistry.

“I really remember when there were three of us, something felt right,” Watson told her co-stars. “I remember the click.”

Fortunately, Radcliffe’s parents were persuaded to say yes on behalf of their son after the producers agreed that the film would be predominantly shot in the UK.

And what a great relief they made.

“On our last day (of filming), I just lost it,” Radcliffe said. “Every part of my life is connected with Potter. When I meet people who are influenced by it, books or films are part of their personality, it makes me really proud. In these films, there are people who are the basis of who I am as a person, as an actor, I am so lucky to be where I am and live the same life as mine, but all this is impossible without this. It has been a very good 10 years. ”

“There is something about Harry Potter that makes life richer,” added Watson. “I’m just lucky to be part of the world that people love so much and that makes them so happy.”

We see a great moment when Grint says to Watson: “I love you”, when the couple burst into tears.

“As a friend,” he adds cheekily. “You will always be a part of my life.”

If you haven’t cried yet, the reunion will conclude with a scene from the final movie between Albus Dumbledore (Michael Gambon) and Severus Snape from the late Alan Rickman.

“After all this time?” Dumbledore asks. Always, Snape says. Replica loans. And tears.

Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: ​​Return to Hogwarts Stream on BINGE

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