The part you probably forgot was by Christopher Meloni about Harold and Kumar going to White Castle

Riding on a wave of college-adventure and travel films that were successful at the box office, Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle was just another link in the chain of raunchy comedies. However, viewers were pleasantly surprised to see this unique and hilarious tale of two dudes on a simple mission: to get a taste of these bursting mini squares of paradise. And while the story, witty dialogue, and hilariously shocking moments were enough to make the film a success on its own, cameos from Hollywood stars added the perfect spice to the film. However, one of these cameos is not so easy to notice. This comes from the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit detective himself, Christopher Meloni.

Meloni, who played the far from comedic role of Chris Keller on the HBO prison drama series Oz, decided to show off his comedic range by playing the role of Freakshow. When Harold and Kumar are in dire need of a trip, the ultra-religious show Freakshow steps in. After sharing an absurdly awkward car ride with their nocturnal savior, the two protagonists stop at his wooden shack during their search. Although the guys are happy to leave the desert, they now find themselves facing Meloni’s Freakshow, whose face and body are disgustingly riddled with oozing boils.

A real headache for the guys is meeting Freakshaw’s beautiful wife, Liana (Malin Akerman). Liana is not only beautiful, but also takes advantage of the situation of an open marriage. On par with the steps leading up to this moment in the movie, what seems like a victory moment for the guys turns into a realm of rudeness when Freakshow steps into a no-clothes situation, showing just how low those boils actually go. This is an image Christopher Meloni fans will most likely never forget.

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