“The Price Is Right” Attracts a Smaller Audience Than You Probably Think

“The Price is Right” is being recorded at Studio 33, also known as the Bob Barker Studio, located on Los Angeles’ famous Television City lot. Guides D. Given the show’s 50-year history of production, it’s no surprise that a total of over 2,000,000 people took seats in the studio audience per audience. CBS. So, how many people are on the show? After production on The Price Is Right was temporarily halted during the COVID-19 pandemic, showrunner Evelyn Wharfel revealed that the audience for each show is only a few hundred people, despite the studio looking bigger when it’s on TV. . Wharfel dropped the number when he talked about the entire audience being excluded during the pandemic.

“We quickly realized that we couldn’t get 300 people on the show sitting close to each other,” she said. Term in 2020. “We have decided that we are going to return without an audience in order to best ensure the safety of our talent, members, our staff and team.”

In addition to this behind-the-scenes Redditor account you/jbishop1988 shared in 2014 that Bob Barker’s studio only accommodates 310 people.

And although they are not visible on camera, there is another audience that participates in The Price Is Right. Former host Bob Barker once said Los Angeles Times that the involvement of home viewers is the ultimate goal. “The minute we put something up for auction and the bidder makes a bid, the viewer becomes involved. Once you get involved, we achieve what every game show producer wants, which is viewer engagement,” he said in 1990.

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