The ‘Prince of Bell Air’ star put Donald Trump on a cold shoulder.

Really , Donald Trump There is television to thank for his significant return. Before ‘Apprentices“Donald’s status was changing and his income was not going well. The reality show gave him a chance to bring his image back to the forefront., And in fact, he was previously skeptical that he saw reality TV as a “trash can.”

Thankfully, he reconsidered, and all of a sudden, not only was his picture briefly repaired to some extent, but he also made a lot of money thanks to a run on the show.

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Things weren’t so good when they were shown on TV and movie sets. The answer usually seems negative, so much so that one particular. Fresh Prince of Bell Air The star refused to shake hands during her cameo on the show.

The story goes that the cast member caught some bad feelings from the former president and besides, she was not a fan of her previous history. Let’s dig into the details with the other stars who struggled on the set with Donald.

Trump is still making money from cameos.

That’s right, Donald Trump is still receiving various royalties from the short comedy, some of which he basically forced himself … For many fans, watching the episode can be a chore in itself, Because Carlton is very happy with Donald’s presence while Will Smith looks even happier AV Club, Donald is still making money again.According to its financial disclosure statements. He is receiving some royalties from the studios he used to work with.

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The AV Club stated, “He receives a thousand rupees a year in royalties from various studios, including Universal (for his show at The Little Rascals) and WB Studios The Fresh Prince.”

Behind the scenes, things weren’t so smooth. So much so that one member of the cast actually refused to acknowledge Donald and even shook hands completely. The story was confirmed by a fellow cast member. Turns out, even then, some things weren’t in line with his personal views.

The new anti-Vivian was not a fan.

That’s right, the late Uncle Phil reached out to Trump, but the new Aunt Wave wasn’t ready to do that either!

According to the stars, He immediately felt bad for Donald.. Also, he had heard bad stories about her coming out of New York.

“I didn’t like him. I had news from New York. I knew who he was.”

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Years later, Anne Rodman managed to confirm the story. She said it was too much and Aunt Wave listened to her gut and kept it with her. “It was wonderful. I was like, ‘Is she going?’ Oh, she’s not leaving. [shake his hand.] And when he’s gone, you’re ready to kick his **. It was great. ”

By now we are all well aware that Aunt Wave was not the only one to receive such a vibe. In fact, it happened a lot to Donald, especially when he was shown on a movie or TV set.

For the most part, it seems like he forced himself into movies, just for a brief moment of fame and power. There are some celebrities who have confirmed this story, including Matt Damon, Macaulay Culkin, and Daniel Radcliffe.

Trump doesn’t make the best impression.

If the plan was to use Trump’s buildings, then, presumably, there was an agreement for him to appear in the film. Matt Damon confirmed the rumor. Donald forced himself to ‘smell the woman’.

“The agreement was that if you wanted to shoot at any of its buildings, you had to write it down in one piece,” Damon said. “Martin Brest had to write something in a woman’s perfume – and the whole staff was involved. You have to waste an hour of your day. [expletive] Shot: Donald Trump walked in and, like El Pacino, shouted, ‘Hello, Mr. Trump!’ – You had to call him by name – and then he went out. ”

“You’re wasting some time trying to get permission, and then you can cut the scene,” Damon added. “But I guess they left him at home alone.”

Culkin was another actor who expressed deep regret for DonaldAlone at home Appearance. In the recent reunion, part of it was cut off, to the delight of the child star and fans.

We can also add ‘Harry PotterStar Daniel Radcliffe is on the list, calling Trump arrogant during his brief behind-the-scenes engagement. In fact, Trump has done himself no favors during his short stint on Hollywood seats.

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