The Producer of “And Just Like That…” Explains Why They Decided to Include That Unexpected Death in the First Episode

“No one wanted to come back if [the show] Wasn’t going to be different.”

The fans were surprised when And just like that… The premiere featured a major plot twist – and it turns out the actor involved was shocked as well.

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WARNING: This Contains A Major Spoiler And just like that…

in the first episode of sex and the City Reboot, Mr. Big, played by Chris NothoAfter riding Peleton, suffers a heart attack and dies of shock in Carrie’s arms.

Craig Blankenhorn / HBO Max

Although fans were not happy with the decision, producer Michael Patrick King says it was necessary to move the show in a new direction.

“Dying was the origin story. No one wanted to come back if [the show] Wasn’t going to fall apart,” explained Michael Vanity Fair,

And while the cast wanted things to be different, Chris was a little unsure about his character’s death at first.

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“When I told Chris that Mr. Big dies in the first episode, he certainly knew it wasn’t [going to be the] Same. And we had to talk about it. He really wanted to talk about why he’s dying and what it does for this series,” shared Michael.

He continued, “The more we talked about it, the more he understood it was for Carrie — and Carrie’s story is that it’s better to love and lose, than never be loved. Once Chris really understood it would be amazing for Carrie, she made sacrifices for us, and because she loves Sarah Jessica Too many.”

Craig Blankenhorn / HBO Max

Michael said that Big’s death would not diminish his character’s legacy, but would “enhance his legend” and pave the way for a new story.

As for why he chose to specify Peleton in Big’s death scene, Michael explained that he wanted to reflect modern society and really show how young and vibrant Big was before his death.

“We knew he was going to have a heart attack. So the peloton had nothing to do with the heart attack. Peloton is something that people have right now, right? It shows [modern] Society. I wanted to show something that Mr. Big was there. Everyone kept coming and saying, ‘Oh, [the characters] is old. They are old.’ These characters are alive and alive,” he said.

Michael continued, “And I thought, what would Mr. Big be doing during the pandemic? He’d be listening to his record collection and exercising at home. So we went to this insanely decadent, titan-of-the-world spa.” Constructed the bathroom and the signature item you’ll have at home, which is a Peloton… When Carrie carried a Fendi bag, it was the bag of the moment. The Peloton is the bike of the moment. Heart attack happened by bike. “

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