The Queen invites disgraced Prince Andrew to attend Garter Day 2022

The Queen agreed to two things to try and revive Prince Andrew’s reputation, and it’s truly extraordinary.

There are some things that just go hand in hand on the royal planet: gin and Dubonnet, Princess Anne and industrial amounts of hairspray, and Prince Andrew, whatever crazy schemes he plots to try to get back into the spotlight.

Unfortunately, on this front, none of the beloved members of the royal family has an accomplice, constantly ready to help and incite him – the Queen.

In the case of a deeply depressing ducal déjà vu, news broke over the weekend of not one but two extraordinary steps that Her Majesty is taking to bolster a fragile ego and try to mend the duke’s battered, irreparable reputation.

First of all, Telegraph reported that the 62-year-old unemployed father of two will join his mother at the Garter Day ceremony next month, one of the most important events in the royal calendar. For a person, HRH or not, there is no higher honor than being a Knight of the Order of the Garter, an order of chivalry that dates back to 1348 and currently has only 24 members.

At the annual Garter Day ceremony, two dozen chosen knights and Her Majesty march from Windsor Castle to St George’s Chapel, dressed in heavy blue velvet robes and ridiculous feathered caps, with officers of the Order in full dress and a band to boot.

I’ll give you three suggestions for who will be attending this year’s Garter Day.

In fact, Andrew, who is a Knight of the Garter, will not only be in the spotlight, but will be listed the next day in the Judicial Circular using his style as His Royal Highness. You know, exactly what he agreed to give up when the royal family effectively fired him in January after a judge in New York gave the go-ahead for him to stand trial in a civil court in a sexual assault case for assault on teenager. (The royal family has always denied these claims.)

While the line the Palace is apparently trying to spin is that Andrew will only take part in the Garter ceremony “privately as a Royal Knight”, which is nothing short of laughable. Garter Day is the epitome of monarchical grandeur and pomp, and trying to sell its inclusion as “private” would be like trying to claim that Buckingham Palace is nothing more than a repairman.

It’s such a “private” event, in fact, that hundreds of people will take their seats along the Garter Parade route to watch.

It hardly takes a gift to predict that Garter Day is less than a month from now, with Andrew and his Cheshire cat smile, front and center, all narcissistic and big teeth, in close proximity to his Mommy.

(I don’t see Andrew, a man “too noble” to break his friendship with a convicted sex offender, agreeing to sneak in through the back door and away from the cells.)

Then there is the second big revelation of the weekend, with once revealing that the Queen has no plans to appoint a new Colonel of the Grenadier Guards after Andrew was forced to resign as part of a long overdue defrocking earlier this year.

The reason for Her Majesty’s objections? The fragile ego of her son.

If earlier there were rumors that the sovereign would give the role to Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, now she is going to leave the seat vacant “to save the Duke of York from embarrassment.”

“Military officials hoped that a new royal colonel would be appointed before the landing,” the report said. onceHowever, royal editor Roya Nikha said that “the queen is postponing the meeting to avoid a ‘dagger in the heart’ for her second son.”

(This happens after Mirror it was reported in March that Her Majesty “allowed him to remain Vice Admiral” because he “is said to be in such a low mood” and “cheered him up”.)

This is the moment when I just want to scream obscenities at my computer screen, such is my outrage, anger and frustration.

With all due respect: What. . B**k. Ma’am?

For a woman who survived the world war, 70 years of hard work, and Sarah, Duchess of York with her toe-sucking habit, Her Majesty’s steadfast refusal to learn from the events of the past two and a half years is of great importance. ish.

There is not a single person who has done more for the mortal wound of the monarchy than Andrei.

Although he was of course never charged with a crime, and there was never any suggestion that he might be, it is certain that he still happily spent several nights under the same roof with a man who by then was on the register. sex offenders.

Nothing will ever change the fact that the Duke of York recorded an hour-long interview about his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein and never once said a word of support to the women his good friend bullied.

Thanks to Andrew, we are now at a stage where there is a strong possibility that Her Majesty had to dip into her considerable personal fortune in order to fund a rumored $22 million private settlement paid to Virginia Giuffre after she accused him of sexual intercourse three times. violence against her. when she was a teenager.

I’ve really run out of adjectives to describe how stunning it is that a queen in the twilight of her reign does not use her precious time left to shore up support for the monarchy, but mounts an impressively futile campaign to rehabilitate her son’s image and prevent him from feelings were hurt.

In March, we saw how bad things were when a ninety-year-old woman allowed her blind spot Andrew to trump her monarchical duty when she allowed her son to accompany her to her seat for a memorial service for Prince Philip.

The news was dominated by photos and stories of a breathtakingly transparent – and hopeless – attempt to bring him back into the royal spotlight, the event’s true purpose being a reminder of the life and work of the indefatigable Philippe, lost in the overwhelmed flood of media.

While it is understandable that, as a mother, Her Majesty wants to support her dreary baggy son, who is now forced to sit at home all day on his essentially free 31-room estate and aimlessly practice golf, as a sovereign she is completely unable to cope. her duty.

The monarchy is on the verge of its most difficult and dangerous period since the abdication crisis in 1936, when it passed away and Prince Charles came to power. Currently, only 36 percent of Britons believe that Charles will do his job well, and support for the Republic is gradually growing.

All warning lights should flash amber.

Right now, the House of Windsor and the Queen must do everything in their power to prepare the monarchy in the hope that it can ride out the stormy seas ahead.

Instead of? Man accused of sexual harassment allowed to have fun!

Is Her Majesty so breathtakingly out of touch with reality? Is it really so indifferent to public sentiment and the prevailing cultural winds?

How can she not see that every time she uses her influence and influence to try in vain to resurrect the image of Andrew, it only confirms the younger generation’s view of the royal family as a pack of privileged, self-serving, over-indulged users who have no place in society. . 21st century society?

(As 12-year-old Johnny from Coventry recently said once“All the royals do is be born. It’s just not very fair.”)

Selling to millennials the deeply archaic idea of ​​inherited power and privilege—that one family can live in palaces and earn millions in annual income just by being born lucky—has always been hard to sell.

But swaying the youth to the cause when the queen seems to go out of her way to protect the feelings of a man who was friends with a convicted pedophile?

Ha! You will most likely find the Buckingham Palace gift shop selling edible gummies.

I can’t get over the fact that the queen seems to be using the twilight of her reign to foolishly try to resurrect some social life for Andrew instead of prioritizing the future viability of the monarchy.

The only way Andrew can ever come back is by curing all cancers, solving the question of peace in the Middle East, and coming up with the world’s best new taste of paddle pop. And even then it would be reluctant.

Our new prime minister, Anthony Albanese, is reported to have said in a private meeting after Andrew’s car accident. news night 2019 interview: “Congratulations, next year we will become a republic.”

Maybe not quite yet, but judging by the way things are going with the queen, the prime minister might be in the money.

Daniela Elser is a royal expert and writer with over 15 years of experience working with a range of leading Australian media outlets.

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