The Queen’s Funeral: A Step-by-Step Plan Including a Service at Westminster Abbey and a Procession to Windsor

Details of the Queen’s funeral have been revealed today, with members of the royal family standing on the sides of Her Majesty’s coffin as she is laid to rest after seven decades of service.

And there will be heartbreaking details at the end of the ceremony as the monarch is finally laid to rest more than a week after her passing.

London will stall due to the state funeral of the monarch on Monday, September 19th.

The funeral, which begins at 11:00 (20:00 AEST) and will be held at Westminster Abbey, comes after millions of mourners have paid their respects to her over the past seven days. Sun reported.

In the solemn scenes, the royal family will be united – Prince Harry and Prince William will stand side by side.

Here is the breakdown of the day:

The King will once again lead his family on a march behind the Queen’s casket when it is moved on Monday at 10:44 (19:44 AEST) from Westminster Hall to Westminster Abbey for the Queen’s memorial service.

He will be walking with his sister Princess Anne, the Duke of York and the Earl of Wessex, and behind the quartet will be the Queen’s grandchildren Peter Phillips, the Duke of Sussex and the Prince of Wales.

They will be followed by the late monarch’s son-in-law, Vice Admiral Sir Tim Lawrence, Duke of Gloucester, the Queen’s cousin, and her nephew, the Earl of Snowdon.

The Queen’s coffin will be carried in a procession on a 123-year-old carriage towed by 98 Royal Navy sailors in a tradition dating back to Queen Victoria’s funeral.

The procession will be led by numerous pipers and drummers from the Scottish and Irish regiments, a brigade of Gurkhas and the Royal Air Force, numbering 200 musicians.

On the way to Westminster Abbey, the procession will pass through Parliament Square, the Broad Sanctuaries and the Sanctuary.

The procession will arrive at the west gate of Westminster Abbey at 10:52 (19:52 AEST), when a group of porters will lift the coffin from the carriage and carry it to the abbey for a state memorial service.

The service will begin at 11:00 am (20:00 AEST) and will be conducted by the Dean of Westminster.

About 2,000 people, including world leaders and foreign royalty, will gather inside Westminster Abbey.

British Prime Minister Liz Truss and Commonwealth Secretary General The Honorable Patricia Scotland KC will read lessons, while the Archbishop of York, the Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster, Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland and Moderator of the Free Churches will say prayers. .

The sermon will be delivered by the Archbishop of Canterbury, who will also give praise, and the dean will pronounce a blessing.

At 11:55 (20:55 AEST) Last post will sound, after which there will be a two-minute silence, which will be observed throughout the country.

wake-up callthe national anthem and a lament sung by the Queen’s piper will conclude the state memorial service around 12 noon (9 pm EST).

A group of porters will then lift the coffin from the hearse and proceed in procession through the Great West Gate, returning to the state gun carriage located outside the West Gate.

Journey to XEid Park Corner

The casket will be followed by the King and Queen Consort, the Prince and Princess of Wales, and members of the royal family, who will walk in procession to Wellington Arch.

Armed forces formed into seven groups will stand on the route.

The king will then lead the procession of the royal family and the rest will follow in a car.

Minute cannons will be fired in Hyde Park and Big Ben will chime throughout the procession.

At 13:00 (22:00 AEST) the procession will arrive at Wellington Arch at the corner of Hyde Park.

Built to commemorate Britain’s victory over France in the Napoleonic Wars, this ceremonial arch is just meters from the Australian War Memorial in London.
The Queen opened the memorial in 2003, along with then Prime Minister John Howard. Since then, many members of the royal family have paid tribute to the memorial during the Anzac days.

The porter will place the queen’s coffin in the state hearse, and she will go on her last journey to Windsor.

The national anthem will be played and the royal family will travel to Windsor by car.

Last Journey to Windsor

The hearse will arrive at the Shaw Farm gate on Albert Road at 15:06 (12:06 AEST).

At 15:10 (12:10 AEST) the procession will move off.

They will head to the chapel via Albert Road, Long Walk, George IV Drive, down Chapel Hill and into the Horseshoe Monastery.

At 15:25 (12:25 AEST), the non-processional royal family will arrive at the West Chapel and be escorted to their seats.

At 15:40 (12:40 AEST), members of the royal family in procession will join her at the Quadrangle.

The route will be guarded by the armed forces.

Mortar cannons will be fired from the East Lawn position as the Queen’s coffin moves from the Shaw Farm Gate towards the George VI Chapel.

In the Horseshoe Monastery, an honor guard of 110 privates and three officers of the Grenadier Guard will line up.

At 15:53 ​​(12:53 AEST) the procession will stop at the foot of the west steps to the chapel and a group of porters will raise the casket.

St. George’s Chapel will be open to family members and household staff, with approximately 800 people expected to visit.

At 4:00 PM (1:00 AM EST), the service begins.

Last heartbreaking detail

The procession with the coffins will go down the Central aisle to the Hearse, and the Dean of Windsor will conduct the service.

The choir sings during the service.

Before the final anthem, the imperial state crown, orb and scepter will be removed from the coffin by the crown jeweler.

They will then hand them over to the dean, who will place them on the main altar.

At the end of the final anthem, the King will place the banner of the camp of the Royal Company of the Grenadier Guards on the coffin.

The Lord Chamberlain will break his wand and place it on the coffin.

The coffin will then be lowered into the Royal Retreat while the Sovereign Piper will play the lament.

The King and the Royal Family will travel to Windsor Castle for the Queen’s funeral at the King George VI Memorial Chapel.

The funeral will conclude with a private internment at 7:30 pm (4:30 am AEST) at Windsor Castle.

In a final touching detail, the Queen will be buried alongside her beloved husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, who died last year.

His remains are currently in the Royal Vault, but he will be moved alongside the Queen.

The King George VI Memorial Chapel is the final resting place of her father King George VI, mother of Queen Elizabeth and sister of Princess Margaret.

This article appeared in Sun and reproduced with permission.

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