The reaction of the royal fans to Prince Charles, who wanted to give the throne to Prince William after the death of the Queen.

Prince Charles of Wales may step down. When the day finally comes to become king. The role that this responsibility plays can be overwhelming for Charles.

One idea is that Prince Charles is walking aside. Prince William will step down as king..

Princess Diana’s former vice coach, Stuart Pierce believes Charles may resign. And when the time comes, transfer the crown directly to your eldest son, Prince William. “They [Charles] Can’t take the throne, he can hand it over to his young son, “Paris said.” He doesn’t want to do that, so hard work.Will has been part of the discussion about the succession plan. Because he was 11 or 12 years old. ”

Charles will have to join Parliament to step down directly from William.

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Will William sit on the throne before Charles?

Will Prince Charles change the constitutional law for his son?

“It will be a matter for Prince Charles and Parliament,” said experts from the Constitution Unit at University College London. Under common law, Prince Charles will automatically become king when the queen dies.. Prince William could have become king only if Prince Charles had chosen to step down. This will require legislation, as with the Declaration of Addiction Act 1936. The line of succession is administered by Parliament. It can only be changed by Parliament and cannot be changed unilaterally by the King of the day. ”

On the other hand, many fans believe that Charles has been waiting to become king all his life, so there is a chance that he will want to ascend the throne for at least a few years.

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Royal fans reacted to the news.

One fan wrote.“It’s not very likely. Charles’ team won’t allow it, + he’s been waiting for decades. It’s KP’s propaganda, just like K’s drunken uncle wanted … Pure BS ”

Another fan believes that Prince William is the man for the job.

“After more than 60 years of waiting, it would be natural for Prince Charles to take the throne and perform the royal duties for which he has spent so much time preparing,” the UCL group wrote. “But it would be just as natural if, After ruling for a few years as a growing old king, He chose to invite Parliament to hand over the throne to Prince William.

Whatever Prince Charles chooses, the public will watch every step!

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