The Real Purpose of Music in a James Bond Movie According to Producer Barbara Broccoli

According to Barbara Broccoli in the trailer for the upcoming documentary The Sound of 007, the music underscores the emotions bubbling under Bond’s icy surface. Music is the soul of Bond himself and therefore the soul of the entire series. “James Bond, the character, doesn’t spend much time talking about what he does or what he feels. So the music has always had to give you an idea of ​​what’s going on inside Bond: adrenaline, tension, joy, anxiety,” Broccoli explained.

This strong connection to music in general, especially the “James Bond theme”, definitely echoes in the chain of command. “You are in the womb – what do you hear? Heartbeat and the Bond theme, Sam Mendes, who recently championed a female Bond director, said in the trailer. The beating heart, the sound of gunshots, the steady saxophone solo… You can never say that the Bond franchise doesn’t have all of that.

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