The real reason Farrah Fawcett left Charlie’s Angels

Keep in mind as you read this that Charlie’s Angels originated in the 1970s. “It was a different time” is never a valid excuse, but it’s undeniable that the era had some pretty specific parameters for gender roles. This reality played out when, according to People, Farrah Fawcett’s then-husband, Lee Majors (star of ABC’s The Fallen Boy), made sure her contract with the Charlie’s Angels did not interfere with her work as his wife. “That way,” Fawcett said, “I can be home by 6:30 and have dinner ready so he won’t notice I haven’t been home all day. life.”

Whether you find this whole situation pleasant or unsettling, the fact remains that Fawcett wanted a family life with her husband. And this was prevented by her career during the filming of Charlie’s Angels. It also interfered with her own life. She found herself walking the world as an image. People saw her as sexy and beautiful, but that’s not all she was. She had something to offer both as a person and as an actress.

“I became famous almost before I had a craft,” she said. New York Times. “I didn’t study drama in school. I studied art. All of a sudden when I was working on Charlie’s Angels I got so many fan mail and I really didn’t know why. everyone else too. All in all, a combination of long hours working on a hit show, adapting to newfound fame, and the challenges of maintaining her marriage to the Majors led Fawcett to leave. Well.

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