The Real Reason Grey’s Anatomy Season 19 Has So Many Interns

During an interview in September 2022 Entertainment Weekly, Krista Vernoff explained that the show wants to revamp. “It allows us to go back to the early teaching and learning model,” she said, adding, “This is just the right moment.” Ellen [Pompeo] is playing less of a role in the show this year and it was the right moment to come fresh with a bunch of [of new characters]Vernoff also revealed that Jake Borelli’s character, Levi Schmitt, would be the new resident trainee.

As we previously reported, Ellen Pompeo will still be providing her signature voice-over for every episode of the show, but will only physically appear in eight episodes of season 19 while she works on other projects and takes time off. This will leave a hole in the narrative behind, but with five new characters making up the slack, the producers seem to be hoping the show doesn’t miss a beat. After all, Grey’s Anatomy had been changing main actors for several years, and many doctors had died and also left town.

But will fans of the show accept this dramatic change in storytelling? It will take some time to find out; Vernoff explained that Pompeo appears in the first eight episodes of the season. Will winter be kind to medical drama? That’s up to the show’s legion – and dedicated – viewers.

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