The real reason is that Johnny Depp’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’ flopped.

There is no way you can call 2010’s Alice in Wonderland a financial flop. The last He made an incredible amount of money. A collection of over $ 1 billion directors internationally at the box office. Tim Burton and his longtime partner Johnny Depp. Anne Hathaway, Helena Bonham Carter, and Alan Rickman undoubtedly contributed to the film’s huge financial success. The Disney-backed film also made a sequel to Alice Through the Looking Glass in 2016. However, the sequel was seen as an extraordinary box office and critical failure, all due to the fact that the first film failed to leave a mark. Sure, the movie was a huge success when it first came out, but the audience was disappointed and the critics just hated the piece.

Given the love of the source material, through Lewis Carroll’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking Glass”, you think fans will love this adaptation. Especially since Tim Burton is responsible for a visual intelligence. Really many famous movies. But, most of all, Now Johnny Depp is somewhat embarrassed. A star was seen as an attraction. His crappy, somewhat frivolous, and utterly charming performance style, on paper, was ideal for a Lewis Carroll film. People went to the cinemas … but they were very disappointed. Here’s why …

The story was very slow.

As I mentioned. Captain Midnight Best Video Analysis.Tim Burton chose not to remake the 1951 animated Alice in Wonderland, as Disney has recreated his other stories for the live action format. With the exception of a few visual callbacks, the 2010 live action version was more sequels than its remake. Although it pleased many who didn’t really want to see their favorite animated film with only A-list actors, they were disappointed with the story that Tim Burton decided to tell.

That’s because it was the same cookie-cutter Hollywood blockbuster story we’ve been feeding for decades.

Instead of bringing something unique and deserving of the wonderful world created by Lewis Carroll in his books, Tim and his authors used the “Jaber Walkie” story to make a big McGuffin for Alice and make it a common thing to come. Did the same. – The arc of the hero’s journey. He ended it with a big fight with two clashing armies and wrapped it in a small bow, as Disney might have told him.

Definitely not riveting stuff.

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The visual effects were in the shadow of the avatar.

When Alice first came out for Wonderland, one of the main reasons why so many people bought tickets was because of how it was advertised. In particular, Disney made sure to tell its audience that it would be a spectacle of great visual effects, like the incarnation of James Cameron. Given that Alice in Wonderland Avatar was the first major blockbuster to be released since the Christmas 2009 release, fans were expecting big things. Will this be a new era of visual effects? Will every movie look incredible like Avatar?

The answer was no.

In Alice in Wonderland, not only were the visual effects close to the standard of an avatar, but they were in fact incredibly contradictory to any Hollywood movie. In some cases, such as the frog at the Red Queen’s court, the visual effects were quite interesting and reliable. But in other cases, including the big bad Jaber Woki’s, the movie looks like a poorly presented video game.

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On top of that, the film’s visual tone wasn’t as appealing as Lewis Carroll’s Acid Trip novels or the 1951 Disney animated film.

Talk about a lot down.

Performances were less than stars.

Although Alice in Wonderland had some impressive cast choices, the impressive cast on all sides did not make good use of any of her abilities. This is probably with the exception of Helena Bonham Carter, who was at the top as the Red Queen but she did exactly what you would expect from the Red Queen. Even talents such as Alan Rickman, Stephen Fry, and Timothy Spall were underestimated and found nothing but moments of their calm voices.

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But live action actors were the worst. Anne Hathaway’s role as White Queen was disturbing and painful. The same is true of Alice and Mia Vasikowska. But Johnny Depp was the most disappointing.

It was as if Johnny had reached the bottom of his career in terms of performance. The script did nothing to dive into the character’s mystery. And it could be completely, just watch Disney’s first Pirate Caribbean movie. It was a big blockbuster movie but it allowed Johnny to do something really great with it … it won him an Oscar nomination

But one can’t entirely blame Johnny’s performance on the script or the director. Whatever he chose, he was at the top and did not show much in the way of humanity or conspiracy. Ever since Alice in Wonderland, this has been the case with Johnny. Here, it is hoped that he will return to the style of acting that made people fall in love with him at first.

For all of these reasons (and perhaps more) Johnny Depp and Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland left a bad taste in people’s mouths, causing them to forget about the movie they initially wanted to support. Went and left the subsequent sequel.

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