The Real Reason John Boyega Still Avoids Marvel Movies

During a recent interview for Men’s healthJohn Boyega candidly explained that he has no intention of joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe because he would like to explore more creative projects at the moment. “Now I don’t see it,” Boyega said, referring to the rumors that have been circulating online. “I want to donate my services to original indie films that come up with new, fresh ideas because I know it’s very difficult to top Iron Man in this universe.”

While some might think that Boyega’s distaste for the MCU would be due to his past experience with Disney, the actor’s comments make it clear that his decision comes from a desire to take his career in a different direction. Indeed, several of Boyega’s upcoming films, including Attack on Quarter 2, the crime thriller The Break-in (in which Boyega stars alongside the late Michael Kenneth Williams), and the sci-fi conspiracy film They Cloned Tyrone, are dedicated this far. from a Marvel blockbuster superhero as far as you can imagine.

If Boyega’s upcoming projects are any sign, it looks like the actor is determined to dedicate himself to smaller, more subtle projects at this point in his career – and so we don’t expect to see him in the MCU anytime soon. .

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