The real reason Kevin injured his leg on Shameless

Kevin Ball hobbled around in a cast during the third season of Shameless. And in case you’re wondering how the show explained its cast, the story goes that Kevin breaks his leg while steaming in the shower with his future wife, Vivian Fisher (Shanola Hampton). With Kev and V already well known for the, shall we say, adventurous nature of their intimate relationship, there was little reason for fans to think that such an injury was not only plausible, but inevitable. And in the end, this approach proved to be a fitting goofy addition for a character who regularly maintained the show’s comedic streaks.

However, it seems that the Shameless writers were forced to come up with this storyline due to Steve Howey’s real-life injury. In 2013 post on twitter, he acknowledged this, stating, “I’ve been recovering from an Achilles tendon rupture this whole season. That’s why I’m in a cast.” The actor went into detail about exactly how he got injured during an interview with Men’s magazine. “I rushed to a basketball game before I was ready and tore my Achilles tendon,” Howey said. “Now I had to wear a cast on my leg for the entire third season of Shameless.

Needless to say, the creators of Shameless relied heavily on Howie’s physical prowess as an actor to make things work in season 3. Combined with some clever scripting, they also managed to have a great time making up his injury without acknowledging its real origin. world.

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